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Andy Mangels, Two Inches Away From Being Shit And Killed
Andy Mangels is a comic book writer and novelist as well as a writer on popular culture A longtime advocate for greater queer visibility in various media, especially comics, he's known for coordination and moderating of the annual "Gays in Comics" panel for San Diego Comic-Con since it began in 1988, and was the founder[...]
Andy Mangels Remember Howard Cruse
Prominent gay comic book creator, activist and commentator, Andy Mangels, has shared a few words with Bleeding Cool over the passing of fellow comics creator Howard Cruse yesterday, at 75, after being diagnosed with cancer Mangels writes in Memorium about Andy's life, his world and planned future projects that still may see fruition HOWARD CRUSE: A[...]
Andy Mangels In Tonight's Grimm
Comic book writer, novelist and Wonder Woman obsessive, Andy Mangels appeared on last week's episode of Grimm Just Mostly he got cut.   Second from the left… But this week it's a whole different story…  I've got a much bigger role to play in the proceedings (including a stunt and a scene with my favorite character) [youtube][/youtube] [...]
What If The Founder Of Comic Con Was Outed And Nobody Noticed?
Including the report on the Gays In Comics panel, celebrating its 25th year, with a star studded panel hosted by Andy Mangels as always, where he was presented with an Inkpot Award, BTW, for his extensive career in and around the comic field and also humanitarian work around the topic of Gays in Comics, and[...]
That Gay Comics Panel At San Diego Comic Con
Williams III, moderated by Andy Mangels. As far as we know, Kirkman, Parent, Cornell, Pak, and Williams are all straight They do however write/draw gay characters, so there you go Kidd, Macy and Mangels, gay as a window. It's on from 5.30pm to 7pm on the Saturday in Room 6A, followed by a gay comics fan[...]
Andy Mangels Needs To Sell Prize George Perez JLA Artwork
Award winning comics and sci-fi writer Andy Mangels is in dire financial straits right now, a combination of healthcare bills, and rent issues He writes Due to the economic situation, I am forced to sell my two most prized George Perez art pieces It's killing me, as I have immense sentimental attachment to them (not only[...]