Angel And Faith

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The final issue of Angel And Faith gives me chuckles, and lets me face a grimmer world Okay, bring it on...Mind The Gap seems to have noticed how successful Peter Panzerfaust is and demands a slice of that action.In New Avengers, Wolverine gets the Paul Hogan "that's not a knife" routine in his gut......while our[...]

Grace Randolphs Stacktastic: Where In The World Are The Wolverine Trade Paperbacks (UPDATE)

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic: Where In The World Are The Wolverine Trade Paperbacks? (UPDATE)

[youtube][/youtube] UPDATE: Marvel write to say, basically, "Here! Here are the Wolverine trade paperbacks!" FEB120685     WOLVERINE WOLVERINE'S REVENGE TP     $16.99 AUG110709   WOLVERINE WOLVERINES REVENGE PREM HC     $24.99 NOV110645   WOLVERINE WOLVERINE VS X-MEN TP        $15.99 JUN110774     WOLVERINE WOLVERINE GOES TO HELL TP           $19.99 JAN092592     WOLVERINE TP WEAPON X        $16.99 FEB092645     WOLVERINE TP LOGAN   $14.99 JUN082433     WOLVERINE […]

Last Weeks Comics In Nineteen Panels

Last Week's Comics In Nineteen Panels

By Dr Manolis Vamvounis. I think we might need a separate column just to keep up with the AvX tie-ins every week. In AVX AVENGERS VS X-MEN: VS #1 (that's what they're going with?) Jason Aaron extracts and expands upon the two-panel Magneto vs Iron Man battle from the main series and attempts to balance […]