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'The Talented Mr. Ripley': Steve Zaillian Bringing Patricia Highsmith's Anti-Hero to Series
Appears a number of networks and streaming services are looking to bet on the talnets of one Tom Ripley, with Deadline Hollywood reporting that Oscar-winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian is looking to write and direct a series centered on the sociopathic anti-hero from Patricia Highsmith's crime novel series The project is looking for a direct-to-series order,[...]
The Supercrash Of The Superheavy Fallen Star In Annihilator #5
It was always in plain sight—in the comic itself—and in interviews Grant Morrison has done—that Nomax may well be the devil, that Ray Spass may well be doomed, and that simply coming to understand the nature of the anti-hero might be a lot of the point of the comic[...]
5 Notes On Annihilator For The Curious-Minded
But he's also the anti-hero of all mythology, and most shaped by our modern take on the "Byronic Hero", according to Morrison. And here's our definition of "Byronic Hero": Byronic heroes tend to be characterized as being intelligent, cunning, ruthless arrogant, depressive, prone to violence, self-aware, emotionally and intellectually tortured, traumatized, highly emotional, manipulative, self-serving, spiritually doubtful,[...]