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And this comic is all about the power and symbology of chains. Justice League #75 Over in Detective Comics #1058, well if you are going to have a Dark Crisis – or any sort of Crisis – there is a key player to keep in hand. Detective Comics #1058 Escaped from Arkham Tower, with many players wanting his crowd-manipulating[...]
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Gotham saw Arham Asylum destroyed by the not-Joker in The Joker War, while Fear State saw a replacement built in a few days, Arkham Tower Trying to absorb criticisms made against Arkham Asylum, trying new ways to treat patients and having extraordinary results However a flash-forward shows that it ends in an armed siege featuring[...]
The Rise And Fall Of Arkham Tower - And Is That Bernard Dowd's Dad?
We looked at the rapid rise and back-pedalling on the construction of Arkham Tower, the Arkham Asylum replacement in Gotham City, of late How Detective Comics appeared to be behind the curve, maybe even with a different model of Arkham Tower to the rest of the Batbooks Well, this Tuesday it appears they have caught[...]
Arkham Tower
We've been running plenty of Gotham Gossip pieces about the rise of Arkham Tower, the replacement for Arkham Asylum And how the foundations have been laid of late through recent Batman comic books. Detective Comics #1045 by Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora With Mayor Nakano making plans to remade Gotham in the wake of Future State/Fear State[...]
Gotham Gossip: Dr Chase Meridian And The New Arkham Tower (Spoilers)
Arkham Tower which is to take its place And Dr Chase Meridian who was to run it And we get to see plenty in today's Detective Comics Annual and Batman: Fear State Omega. Screencap: Batman Forever Doctor Chase Meridian was introduced in the movie Joel Schmacher movie Batman Forever played by Nicole Kidman and has made a[...]
Detectivce Comics Continues Weekly In February As Shadows Of The Bat
Bleeding Cool told you all the gossip we had about the events leading up to the establishment of Arkham Tower, the backdrop to Detective Comics going weekly from January 2022 from DC Comics Now in February 2022, there is even more to learn with the solicitations for the Shadows Of The Bat event and a[...]
Gotham Gossip: Dr Chase Meridian To Run Arkham Tower
And Arkham Tower which is to take its place. The solicitation for Detective Comics #1044 reads "Arkham Asylum may have been decimated during A-DAY, but its legacy lives on Now, Mayor Nakano has given the green light for a brand-new ARKHAM TOWER to be erected in the heart of Gotham City, and some strange and horrific[...]