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ARTE Releases a Launch Trailer for Vectronom
To celebrate Vectronom coming to both Steam and the Nintendo Switch, ARTE has released a new launch trailer for the game This is a cool interactive title co-developed by Lidopium as you sync up the movements of a cube to a frenetic beat across a geometric environment You also have the ability to change controllers[...]
Homo Machina, Type:Rider and Vandals on Nintendo Switch | ARTE
This morning, indie developer ARTE announced it would be releasing three new games simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch this month The three games in question are Type: Rider and Vandals, which were both developed by Cosmografik, and Homo Machina made by Darjeeling All three being puzzle titles and will be released on the console at the[...]
A Fisherman's Tale Will Finally Be Released in January
Vertigo Games, Innerspace, and ARTE finally announced that their VR title, A Fisherman's Tale, would finally be released in January 2019 This one has kinda been in the air for a while as it's a surreal VR tale involving a fisherman at a lighthouse with its own miniature fisherman and lighthouse in the mix[...]