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Adam Jones Unveils Frazetta's "The Berserker" Epiphone Les Paul
This unprecedented, limited-edition collection blends Adam's love of fine art and music, resulting in seven, iconic and unique Les Paul Custom Silverburst masterpieces which feature the artwork of five distinguished visual artists curated by Adam Jones of TOOL. Photo Source: Epiphone The second model to debut in the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection is Frank[...]
Alan Moore and Jim Lee WildC.A.T.S Original Artwork At Auction
As part of Heritage Auction's 2021 April 25-26 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction #122117 running right now, there's a singe page of original artwork from WildCATS #31, the final page of that issue written by Alan Moore, drawn by Jim Lee and Richard Bennett, with Tao exposing himself to the reader[...]
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Which will reproduce, as close to the original artwork as possible, Lee's work with Chris Claremont and Scott Williams on the double-sized X-Men #1 from 1990, along with other covers, splashes, pin-ups, and interior pages scanned from Lee's original art for the franchise, and published at the original size that they were drawn Thankfully from[...]
With an official trailer released on days ago and the series staking its claim on the streaming service come March 5, you're now living in the "sweet spot" when you can expect some interesting (and sometimes random) promotional drops. Case-in-point: writer/producer/creator Warren Ellis, who took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a piece of amazing artwork[...]
The Government's in Bad Shape in Leaked 'Walking Dead' Season 9 Promo Image
In what looks to be the first in a series of promo images for the series leading up to this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, the artwork depicts a short-haired Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and Daryl (Norman Reedus) in front of what appears to be a White House and capital building[...]
Jason Flowers Clowns Matt Walker Over Photoshopped Artwork At FandomFest 2016 (VIDEO)
There are lots of people who complain about artists stealing their artwork and selling it at stores, sometimes digitally manipulated, photoshopped and the like, but without credit or payment to the original artist. And most people stew about it, complain, or post about it online I heard GingerZap was back this weekend at Texas Comicon this[...]
Grab Some Original Babs Tarr Artwork On Etsy For One Week Only
Shipments will be made from December 16th through the 19th. I know Babs Tarr is a favorite artist for many comic book fans, so this is a really great opportunity to grab some original artwork I actually really love the Batgirl couture piece that she did View her artwork here. Earlier today the whimsical comic book[...]
Jack Kirby's Operation Argo Artwork In Heavy Metal For August
And for a magazine that has been so audacious in its use of artists over the decades, this is his first appearance in it. We're beyond proud to present the King of Comics' mind-blowing artwork in the pages of our hallowed (and now humbled) magazine! Barry Geller & Jack Kirby's "LORD OF LIGHT,"   These Pieces by[...]
Pretty Pictures – HeroesCon Sketches, Rocket Racoon, Woman Of Steel And More
HeroesCon has delivered some excellent sketches and commissions, here are some highlights, along with other comic and comic-related artwork from around the net, including some excellent sketches from HeroesCon. Thanks to G for pointing us to this Kermit Drive By by Alec. G also pointed us to The Runaway, via Indiana Jones by Rabitooth. Becky Cloonan sketches Belit[...]
Frank Frazetta And Arthur Suydam Artwork Stolen
Two pieces of artwork were stolen from Arthur Suydam's studio it seems Firstly, this full colour gouche painting, Alien Genocide, by Arthur Suydam And secondly this ink sketch, Little Devil If you know the whereabouts of either, you can contact, 212 475 4840     Two pieces of artwork were stolen from Arthur Suydam's studio[...]
STOLEN: Nine Mike Deodato Conan Paintings
A bunch of Mike Deodato cover paintings for Conan, were created for a Brazilian publisher in the nineties but were never returned to him are showing up in the marketetplace for sale. Treat them as stolen artwork if you come across them Because that's what they are. One has been found here, another here They have, it[...]
Do You Have Any Colleen Doran Distant Soil Artwork?
Looks like it's not just Dave Sim looking to digitise his major opus, and in search of original artwork for the best results Colleen Doran is doing the same for A Distant Soil. I am in very great need of art from A Distant Soil for our digital archive I require good quality scans of the[...]
Do You Still Need To Buy The Comics? DC New 52 Art Dump…
The #52Splash hashtag has been used by a variety of DC artists to official show off some of their artwork from the upcoming Relaunch But with 52 books, that's 1040 pages a month churning out So these new pages, even with previously released artwork, is only giving us 5% of what will actually be released… [...]
Bill Sienkiewicz And The Troll Part Two
He assured me that he had not intentionally drawn a hidden penis in the artwork and that it was shocking to him that I would think so. Well it seemed the poster wasn't only one who thought so; We had a few conversations after that, but a truly telling one was when he told me about having[...]