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Hulkbuster 8 &#8211 Id Buy That For Twenty-Five Dollars

Hulkbuster 8" – I'd Buy That For Twenty-Five Dollars

OKay, so I saw Avengers: Age Of Ultron a couple of weeks ago. But my desire for this has not dimmed in the interim… an 8" posable Hulkbuster toy. For $25. But it's so shiny.  Hulkbuster getting a "what what?" From behind and in the bix… And unleashed on the streets. Somebody stop me… but […]

The Astonishing Esad Ribic

The Astonishing Esad Ribic

Bleeding Cool told you last week that an Astonishing Avengers series by Rick Remender was on the cards, spinning out of Axis Possibly to replace Uncanny Avengers.. but who to draw it?Well, Esad Ribic is one of the more popular comic book creators at Marvel Life and soul of the party, a big brash bruiser he[...]

Will Rick Remender Bring Us&#8230 The Astonishing Avengers

Will Rick Remender Bring Us… The Astonishing Avengers?

Could this be the answer? AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (OF 9) RICK REMENDER (W) • TERRY DODSON (A) Cover by JIM CHEUNG INVERSION VARIANT BY TBA YOUNG GUNS VARIANT BY VALERIO SCHITI ACT II: INVERSION • The Axis of Evil have won, who is left to stop them? • Rogue and Nightcrawler vs Mystique! • Thor vs Loki! • Magneto and Quicksilver vs The[...]