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Sword Art Online Asuna Gets New Good Smile Statue from Alicization
This time, Asuna is taking charge of the war as she dons her Knights of the Blood Outfit Her white and red colors will stand out on the battlefield and a worthy collectible for any Sword Art Online fan This Asuna statue is not small either as she is a 1/4th scale statue, standing at[...]
Sword Art Online Alicization Asuna Arrives with Good Smile
We did not get to see a lot of Asuna in action during the final episodes of Part 2 but we got to see her as the Goddess of Creation, Stacia This figure not only is packed with detail but with accessories and interchangeable pieces She will come with three swappable face plates showing a[...]
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No matter what though, it always comes back to Kirito and Asuna They are two characters that have fought with their love through the test of time through Aincard, ALfheima, and now the Underworld This time Asuna isn't battling monsters or men in her newest Sword Art Online statue but is shown relaxing in her[...]
Batman Gets a Life-Size Bust for His Tactical Suit from Infinity Studio
Asuna is easily one of the backbones of the Sword Art Online franchise Fans have fallen in love with her ever since her appearance in the first season of Sword Art Online Along with our favorite hero Kirito, these two are a match made in heaven Fans have easily grown and watched these two characters get closer and[...]