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Hurricane Irma Shuts Down Walking Dead, Avengers 4, Ant-Man And The Wasp
State government will be closed Monday and Tuesday for all employees except essential personnel." AMC films The Walking Dead in both Senoia and Atlanta, Georgia This marks the second time production on the show's eighth season has been temporarily halted, with the first being a response to the tragic loss of stuntman Jon Bernecker earlier this[...]
Dragon Con
Labor Day Weekend is one of the most densely populated convention and event weekends in the country, and Atlanta's Dragon Con is one of the top destinations for the nerdy and geeky alike 2017 will see Dragon Con's 3oth year (31st event, actually), and the second for online streaming of events. One of the highlights of[...]
What Did Hope Nicholson Do When A Comic Con Cancelled On Her?
What happens when a comic convention you are attending cancels on you? That was Hope Nicholson's situation when Wizard World cancelled their Atlanta show this month – and she had already bought nonrefundable tickets to the show and her Secret Loves Of Geek Girls books had already been shipped to the venue. Which is where friend-of-Bleeding Cool, Dr[...]
Captain America 3 Shooting From April, In Puerto Rico, Berlin And Atlanta
When asked about that upcoming threequel, Captain America: Civil War, he said… [youtube][/youtube] "We start shooting in April so it's going to be a lot of flyin and fighting for about five months." Costner asked where, "Puerto Rico, Berlin and Atlanta" Will he be Cap by the end of the movie, as in the comics? No one asked him that… [...]
Ant-Man Casting Call For The Atlanta Area
The movie is schedule to film in Atlanta, Georgia in the new Pinewood Studios complex and casting directors are looking to fill several roles in the upcoming film. Here is the casting call from New Life Casting: ANT-MAN CASTING CALL: New Life Casting is looking for people to play the roles below in a feature film beginning[...]
Dragon*Con – A "Choose Your Own Adventure"
Dragon Con is the "choose your own con". The variety of tracks, programming, guests and events taking place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA allows every con goer to have a truly unique experience Attendees of Dragon Con may turn the con into an animation con or a gaming con The con goers may choose[...]
Dragon*Con 2012: The Parade, Burt Ward And Adam West
Dragon*Con 2012: Interview with the Dynamic Duo, Zombie Love, and More Cosplay Bill Meeks reporting here from hot and sweaty downtown Atlanta, Georgia at Dragon*Con 2012 Day 2 was phenomenal I started the day shooting video at the Marvel Superheroes photo shoot where Stan Lee made a surprise appearance Mary Jane and a Femme Spider-Man were[...]
What Military Uniform Were You Wearing? – Missed Connections At Dragon*Con
Before Dragon*Con, Bleeding Cool checked in with CraigsList Personals to see how people were planning to spend their time during the Atlanta-based comic convention The resulting post, Draining Your Balls At Dragon*Con was one of the more popular posts that week, and it was followed by Bill Meeks seeing just how successful these sex hounds[...]
VIDEO: The Dragon*Con Cosplay Parade 2011
Thanks again to Bill Meeks of MeeksMixedMedia, embedded at Dragon*Con for Bleeding Cool for this video of the grand annual Dragon*Con parade of cosplayers through Atlanta Wow, there's over half an hour of footage here, from one viewpoint Shout out anyone you know… Thanks again to Bill Meeks of MeeksMixedMedia, embedded at Dragon*Con for Bleeding[...]
Draining Your Balls at Dragon*Con Part II: Some Practical Advice by Bill Meeks
DragonTom is locating himself near the con without actually attending and hoping to catch some throw off, while DragonDon is a full-fledged attendee. First, I asked if the basic newbie question… Have you done this before? DragonTom: I live in Atlanta and have a hard time finding other kinky gay men that are willing to hook up[...]
Walking Dead Preview At Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con
Here's a line up of programming at Wizard World Atlanta taking place this weekend at the The Cobb Galleria Centre It includes a preview of Walking Dead with cast members, and the third part of the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy, It's A Trap, introduced by Billy Dee Williams. But there's been a lot of criticism[...]