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Yen Audio Announces Three New Audiobook Series for 2023
Voice actors for the three upcoming audiobooks will be announced at a later date. Key art: Yen Audio Even If This Love Disappears Tonight Story by Misaki Ichijo When Tooru Kamiya is pushed into falsely confessing his love to Maori Hino, she tells him they can date on three conditions: 1 Don't talk to her until after school[...]
Confess, Fletch Has a Fan in The Sandman Creator Neil Gaiman
"He made it for love." Then someone pointed out that audiobooks of all ten Fletch novels, including Confess, Fletch, and the four spinoff Flynn novels by MacDonald are now free to Audible subscribers, prompting shock and joy in Gaiman. What????? — Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) September 24, 2022 So now we have both a fun comedy-thriller and complete series[...]
Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks
2 Kugane Maruyama, so-bin 9781975338336 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Dec 2021 SWORD ART ONLINE 3: FAIRY DANCE Reki Kawahara 9781975337216 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Dec 2021 These audiobooks based on Yen Press content will be available wherever downloadable audiobooks are sold, across platforms including Apple Books, Audible,, Downpour, Google Books,, Kobo, and more. Yen Press has entered a new partnership with Hachette Audio[...]