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Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has shown off a new IP on Twitter in a new tease hinting that we might get a better look at the title today. Avalanche Studios seem to be a pretty busy place at the moment The developer recently announced that it was working on Rage 2 alongside id Software which would[...]
Just Cause
Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios has opened a third office in Malmö, Sweden The studio was founded in Stockholm in 2003 and opened a second office in New York back in 2011. So far, all we know about this third location is that the new studio will be working on current and future properties, particularly[...]
Rage 2 got a Release Date and Lengthy Gameplay Highlight Trailer
The game is being developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios Confirmed platforms so far are PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the gameplay reveal trailer below. https://youtu.be/0H_Fsyje2nAVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: RAGE 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer PEGI (https://youtu.be/0H_Fsyje2nA) [...]
Just Cause
I really quite enjoyed my time with Just Cause 3, however, one thing that is hard to avoid is that the game does not run particularly well. There are many performance issues in all the versions of the game. This isn't lost on Avalanche Studios either Taking to Steam, the developer explained it knew of the problems[...]
Just Cause 3 Review – Viva La Evolución!
Nothing about the story of who Rico was and what he was doing resonated, even if Avalanche Studios were obviously trying to make a bit of a satire of the whole affair The gameplay so resoundingly trumped the campaign, I don't know many who saw the story all the way through. And now, here comes Just[...]
Get A Look At Just Cause 3 In Its 4K Glory
It is the next logical step for the series as best as I can tell, and it is as fun as ever to set up explosive slapstick scenarios. The game also looks pretty too, and what better way to show that off than taking a look at this 4K video just released by Avalanche Studios[...]
New 360 Video Keeps The Action Coming For Just Cause 3
Adam Cook writes for Bleeding Cool… Avalanche Studios has affected some kind of voodoo magic onto YouTube again, and made a video showing off the wingsuit experience of Just Cause 3 What's so special, I hear you ask: well, you can change the camera using the on-screen controls, moving around Rico as he flies around the[...]