Win Your Own Island With Just Cause 3 Competition

Well, as stunt PR things go, here is one worth a headline.

Square Enix are offering players of Just Cause 3 the chance to win an island. Yeah, you're very own real life island (asterix, asterix asterix). To enter you have to pre-order the Day 1 edition of the game and live in the United States (excluding Puerto Rico), Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico, or Chile.

This could be yours by playing the game an ungodly amount. The winner will be they who accumulated the most Chaos Points after 90 days, which are rewarded in game for causing increasing amounts of destruction.

Check out the video here:

Now, we don't know what the island will look like and neither do the organizers. It's still to be determined, but it will only be worth up to $50,000 and isn't promised to be habitable. But still, it will be your own little piece of earth.