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Netflix Acquires Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe for Film Options
Goldsman first showed up on Extreme's radar while he was developing to direct Liefeld's Avengelyne for Paramount. "Rob is a unique and innovative talent who knows how to combine hard-edged comic book action with real emotionality Netflix has the ambition, reach, and dedication to bring his universe to life." – Akiva Goldsman Though Netflix has been riding high with[...]
Paramount Hits The Liefeld Lottery With Avengelyne Movie Deal
If you thought the ego of legendary comic book artist Sir Robert Liefeld was a bit swollen after the success of the Deadpool movie, get ready for it to become absolutely engorged! According to a report from Deadline, Liefeld's 1990s creation, Avengelyne, has been picked up by Paramount for a thriller described as "John Wick[...]