Paramount Hits The Liefeld Lottery With Avengelyne Movie Deal

goldenliefeldIf you thought the ego of legendary comic book artist Sir Robert Liefeld was a bit swollen after the success of the Deadpool movie, get ready for it to become absolutely engorged! According to a report from Deadline, Liefeld's 1990s creation, Avengelyne, has been picked up by Paramount for a thriller described as "John Wick with a fallen angel." Hasbro Universe mogul Akiva Goldsman will produce, and the studio is currently seeking a janitor screenwriter for the film. According to Deadline the deal was in the mid to high six figures, which, frankly, buys a lot of Levis.

First appearing in 1995 in her own mini-series for Liefeld's Maximum Press, Avengelyne was once even published by Bleeding Cool benefactors Avatar Press, my personal favorite comic book company. Most recently, Image Comics published an Avengelyne series with Mark Poulton and Owen Gieni in 2011 that was cut off after eight issues, though as Bleeding Cool reported in 2012, the remaining issues were later released online, giving fans a sense of closure. Too bad the same can't currently be said for backers of Liefeld's 2013 Brigade Returns Kickstarter.

Liefeld has been trying to get an Avengelyne movie going since 2013, even teaming up with Gina Carano to star in it, though Carano doesn't appear to be in contention for the role at this time. Whatever you think of Rob Liefeld, it can't be denied that the man has seen a lot of success.

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