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Top 100 Comics For December 2014
We saw the top ten December 2014 direct market comic book statistics last week, now everything fleshes out a little. Four issues of Axis pushed The Walking Dead #135 out of the top ten to #12 Hellboy And The BPRD #1 was Dark Horse Comics' top book for December at #114 While IDW Publishing's was My[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 28th December 2014 – A Batman Christmas
Avengers And X-Men: Axis #9 3. Batman Eternal #38 4 Harley Quinn #13 5 Robin Rises Alpha #1 6 Uncanny X-Men #29 7 New Avengers #28 8 All New X-Men Annual #1 9 Superman/Wonder Woman #14 10 Superman #37 Thanks to the following committed retailers, Jetpack Comics of Rochester, New Hampshire Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa Fat Jack's Comicrypt of Philadelphia Graham Crackers Comics of Illinois – Plainfield, Naperville, Downers Grove, St[...]
Who Remains Inverted? (Axis Spoilers)
Well, Superior Iron Man #1 may have given some spoilers with its opening as to who remained inverted and who did not at the end of Axis. You may have had some clues from solicitations for Marvel's weekly comic Wolverines as well But in today's Axis we see it all happen, as Tony Stark deploys the plan mentioned above… That's[...]
A Comic Show – A Sunstone Christmas And A S.H.I.E.L.D. NYE!
This week closed out Axis with #9, and I enjoyed the finale Not all the pieces got put back, and I'm excited to see the changes to the Marvel Universe as they play out in Uncanny Avengers and beyond Like in Superior Iron Man #3, Tony's still a douche and he doesn't see eye to[...]
The Death Of A Hero In Today's Marvel Comics (AXIS Spoilers) UPDATE
Last week's issue of Axis revealed that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were not the biological  children of Magneto, leaving them open to be recreated as Inhumans characters ahead of the Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie and away from Fox Studio's grasping hands And today's Axis #8 reiterates that. But there's something bigger going on as well[...]
A Comic Show – Endgame, Axis, And Image!
Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom! It's another week of New Comics Now, that means more Batmans, Axis, and Image. Scott Snyder's Endgame is the pentacle of his and Capullo's run, really it's all payoff I'm loving this Joker, and you should too, even if the face-off Death of the Family[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 14th December 2014 – Spider Beats Zombie Beats Harley
But The Walking Dead saw them all off, though Axis, spurred by No More Mutants, took the second spot. Amazing Spider-Man #11 Avengers & X-Men Axis #7 Walking Dead #135 Thor #3 Avengers #39 Batman Eternal #36 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 Guardians of Galaxy Annual #1 Thanks to the following retailers, G-Mart Comic Books of Champaign, Illinois Yesteryear Comics of San[...]
39 Thoughts About 39 Comics – Axis, Harley Quinn, Spider-Woman, Bobs Burgers, Age Of Darkness, Crossed, Zero, Transformers, Peanuts, Magnus, Lumberjanes, Batwoman, Regular Show, Batman Eternal, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Invincible, Winter World, Maxx, Hellraiser, Godzilla, Feary, Dawn/Vampirella, Last Fall, Terminal Hero, My Little Pony, Super Secret Crisis War, Sleepy Hollow, Storyteller: Witches, Star Slammers, Sons Of Anarchy, Solar, Rot & Ruin, Deadly Class, Dicks, God Is Dead, D&D, Bravest Warriors
  Panel of the week there, I think, from Axis #6.   If anyone wants to suggest what part of Harley Quinn's body is named "Brooklyn", we'd be most grateful. Bounce… the twins… finding some clothes… is this some kind of "dog whistle" choice of language to satisfy both potential audiences for Spider-Woman? And with Silk and Spider-Gwen joining[...]
The Difference A Loot Crate Makes – Top 300 Comics Sales For October 2014 As Walking Dead #132 Sells Around 330,000 In North America
Despite the standard cover being a lot rarer, comparatively. Also on this guestimate, Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor #1 got around 34,000, Wytches  #1 debuted at around 70,000,  Deathstroke #1 debuted at 55,000, and the cannabis-tainted Harley Quinn Annual #1 came just shy of a 100,000 sale. Here are the actual stats. QtyRank RetailRank Index PRODUCT PRICE PUBLISHER 1 1 274.55 WALKING DEAD #132 (MR) $2.99 IMA 2 2 139.31 DEATH OF WOLVERINE #4 $4.99 MAR 3 5 126.92 THOR[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 9th November 2014 – Here Come The Spiders
We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion. And this week, the comics they couldn't wait to get were the Marvel events – Spider-Verse and Axis, pushing aside the usual champion Batman Eternal… Amazing Spider-Man #9 Axis #4 Batman Eternal #31 Superman Unchained #9 Detective Comics #36 Rocket Raccoon #5 Earth 2: World End #5 Earth 2 #28 New 52: Futures End[...]
Axis Silhouette Mystery Revealed – It's Brother Voodoo
This was the solicited cover image for Axis #9…. With a silhouetted character on the left. But from this week's Marvel printed ads… Let's zoom in a little. That's Brother Voodoo joining the inversion! Unless, you know, something really extreme happened to Doctor Strange…   This was the solicited cover image for Axis #9…. With a silhouetted character on the left. But[...]
47 Thoughts About 46 Comics – Axis, Game Of Thrones, Superman Unchained, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Bloodshot, Suicide Risk, Fairy Quest, Garfield, Fiction Squad, Hulk, American Legends, Artifacts, Life After Logan, Weapon X Program, Dr Mirage, Regular Show, Eternal Warrior, Woods, Empty Man, God Hates Astronauts, Ghost Fleet, Day Men, Gotham Academy, Amazing World Of Gumball, Grayson, Over The Garden Wall, Real Heroes, Nailbiter, Velvet, Cloaks, Futures End, Penny Dora, Lil Vampirella, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Green Arrow, Lobo, Turok, Robocop, Worlds End, Chew, John Carter, Blood Queen, Jennifer Blood And Solar
Over in Axis #3… Oh I don't know SAD HULK has hashtag written all over it. While Over The Garden Wall seems to be having an Axis Inversion event all of its very own. Amazing World Of Gumball #4 gives us a strong expectation of cause and effect.   Ghost Fleet #1 teaches us the value of wearing a seat belt when[...]
Iron Man Behaving Like U2 – And Other Signs Of Axis Today
Everyone it seems except Tony Stark, in today's Axis #3. That's right, an Extremis app on everyone's smart device That's how the Axis Inversion event has affected Tony Stark – the drinking is merely a sideshow Nice to see he's simultaneously released a version for iOS and Android though I wonder if Windows phones got a[...]
Why You Need To Read Axis #3 And Deadpool #36 Together To Make Sense Of It All
Here's a recommended reading order for today's Axis-related titles. First All-New X-Factor #15 It happens independently of the other books, exploring a world destroyed by the Red Skull's hate And reminding us that President Obama is a fan of Conan The Barbarian comic books But it happens before the events of the next comics. Then the beginning[...]
Susan Storm – Iron Fist?
Here is the cast recap age of Avengers & X-Men: Axis #2, out today. Hang on, who is that at the bottom? Zoom in… Second on the right.   Look, I know certain people at Marvel Comics are very anti-Fantastic Four right now, but that's a bit mean on the Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman[...]
A Comic Show Returns! Death Of Wolvie And Life Of A Comic Show
Last week I was all ready and excited to cover Wytches, Birthright, Sabrina, Batman Endgame, and Axis, but my wife got the flu on Tuesday and I didn't make my return. Today I tackle the actual Death of Wolverine, Logan's Legacy, Axis #2, Edge of the Spider-verse, and a few others Justice League #35 officially starts[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 14th October 2014
The launch of Batman: Endgame, the launch of the new Batgirl, the launch of Axis, the launch of Wytches, more Time Runs Out, Spider-Verse and much more But Batman beat out the heavily hyped eventness of Axis, and Scott Snyder got two in the top ten. Batman #35 Avengers X-Men: Axis #1 Amazing Spider-Man #7 Avengers #36 Batgirl #35 Wytches #1 Batman Eternal[...]
Every Use Of The Word 'Smidgen' In Today's Axis #1
In today's Avengers & X-Men: Axis is all-out war for… everyone.   Everyone gets inverted! But first, Tony Stark has a language-usage leson for The Vision. But Tony is instantly inverted So much that now he starts saying it too! Not just once… But twice! Clearly this is a sign of inversion when reading Avengers & X-Men: Axis[...]
Ms Marvel, The Book That Was Meant To Get Cancelled By Issue 7
Marvel, there are no plans to stop and she is busy writing and plotting up to #11 and maybe now tying the book back more to the wider Marvel Universe, such as to things like Axis.  "When I thought we'd be canceled anytime referring to the wide universe didn't need to be done but now[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Earth 2 World's End And Axisness
Any ideas? X-Factor #18 is no longer an Axis crossover… Giuseppe Camuncoli will join the solicited Olivier Coipel on Amazing Spider-Man #9 Erik Burnham will co-write New Warriors #11 with the solicited Christopher Yost.   A few changes 'twixt solicitation and publication that may be of note…. Danny Miki appears to be joining the credits for the upcoming DC weekly Earth 2 Worlds[...]
No, Everyone, This Is Not #ComicGate – Milo Manara Is Still Creating Covers For Marvel
We'd already pointed out that Milo Manara's variant cover for Thor #1, featuring the new female Thor, had slipped to Thor #2. But then I learnt that Milo was no longer doing that cover either, and the solicited cover for Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 would now be by Siya Oum. Naturally it occurred to me that this could be as a result of the recent fuss[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 22nd September 2014 – Double Axis
New control pads created by fans for the DC board game Axis Of Villains to add some desperately-missing female characters to the game… Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week Are Grant Morrison And Jonathan Hickman Planning A Sneaky Crossover? Your Ten Page Uncorrected Preview Of The New-Look Yellow-Doc Martened-Batgirl A Big Change For Doctor Strange (UPDATE)  Avatar Press Announces Crossed[...]
We're Getting A Female Thor… But What About A Female Wolverine?
So yesterday's article on Sabretooth replacing Wolverine during – and after – Axis, was based on reading solicitations, looking at cover images, the usual. This isn't. A Marvel source gets in touch to tell me that Sabretooth is, indeed, becoming the new Wolverine in the Marvel Universe. But not for long. Because after around six months, he too will[...]