Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 14th December 2014 – Spider Beats Zombie Beats Harley

detailThis is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the Wednesday Warriors, those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Amazing Spider-Man takes the top spot, spurred on by Spider-Verse, as Marvel's Annuals take top spots across the chart, pushing ahead even of the Harley Quinn Holiday Special. But The Walking Dead saw them all off, though Axis, spurred by No More Mutants, took the second spot.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #11
  2. Avengers & X-Men Axis #7
  3. Walking Dead #135
  4. Thor #3
  5. Avengers #39
  6. Batman Eternal #36
  7. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
  8. Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
  9. Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1
  10. Guardians of Galaxy Annual #1

Thanks to the following retailers,

And this is what they had to say,

Nothing too exciting this week. Walking Dead was solid. Axis is lumbering to its end. Still waiting for the next breakout hit from Image for me. Wytches was an easy one. Bitch Planet hasn't moved the needle yet. Good book, but not moving.

Last week, DC dominated the top 9. This week, the highest ranking was #7?

Wow. Sales are back up. We had a near reversal of last weeks list. DC has only two spots, Astro City and Batman Eternal. Lots of Marvel heavies to compete with. Thor was our #1 with Amazing Spider-Man close behind. All of Marvel's annuals sold very well. Good numbers across all publishers this week. Walking Dead had is lowest position in a while but it sometimes takes a while to move.
Good week, good books. I'm happy.

Bundling back issues into packs of complete story arcs or themed variants has been going over very well.

Solid week. Amazing Spiderman 11 blazed out of here on Wednesday. I even upped the orders for it and sold out faster than any previous issues. Batman Eternal just barely held the top spot. Walking Dead 135 raced up the sales chart also. Biggest surprise this week was the New Suicide Squad. It sold out on Wednesday. The title gained new readers thanks to the buzz of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Everyone is surprised by the big names involved. Harlrey Quinn Holiday Special did great thanks to it having two different covers. People picked them both up.

Again thanks to the buzz for the upcoming Suicide Squad back issues of the Suicide Squad are moving. Rick Flagg and DC's Enchantress in a movie? Who would have ever guessed that? Restocked on Amazing Spiderman back issues since the back issue bins were looking pretty bare of Amazing Spiderman. Batman issues from the new 52 and his first run still selling well.

Great week for books.Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Verse titles are the most sought after titles for the week, with Thor hot on it's heels. the Valiant performed great since the book looked sharp and had better paper quality which customers pretty much demand for any book $3.99 nor more. The biggest drop for any book was Walking Dead with about a 25% drop from the previous issue.

Aquaman back-issues are on the move with the newer and older books alike. Spawn is still selling great which is starting to freak me out a little, since i might have to start looking for these books to fill the back-issue bin.

Man, a week dominated by Marvel! Despite this being a week with an absurd amount of $4.99 books, a lot of them sold a ton. But don't think customers didn't let me hear about it. I would say three in every five had choice words for how long they will keep paying five bucks for a comic. I'm not sure whether I believe them or not though, because they keep doing it. TMNT & Southern Bastards both sold awesome this week. Bitch Planet is getting lots of hype online but it hasn't really translated to in shop sales. YET. Thor numbers continue to drop from what they were before Lady Thor took over. Which is kind of sad because it's been great so far. Walking Dead took the number 1 spot though, as always. It's a runaway train that nobody can stop.

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