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The Return Of Motor Crush In 2023
Motor Crush was a comic book series by Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart published by Image Comics, from the team that found success in a relaunch of Batgirl at DC Comics, a run that had a big impact the upcoming Batgirl movie By day, Domino Swift competes for fame & fortune in a[...]
Thoughts On Overwatch: Tracer-London Calling 1 of 5
I used to play quite a bit of Overwatch when it first came out and was excited to see the team of Mariko Tamaki and Babs Tarr on an Overwatch comic Therefore, I figured it'd be worth taking a look at what the team came up with. Overwatch: Tracer-London Calling 1 of 5 cover Credit: Image Forgive[...]
Thought Bubble Festival Announces Details Of November's Digital Show
Links to Thought Bubble's fundraising efforts will be shared closer to the time.   Guests and events announced today include an 'In Conversation' event featuring influential cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco who will be interviewed by journalist Ian Dunt, as well as appearances from the likes of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Scott Snyder, Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Joëlle[...]
dc comics covers
You won't have seen most of them… Hang on, hang on, I'll get to them! Appreciate the keenness, though. Nightwing #29 by Casey Jones. Nightwing #29 by… not by Stjepan Sejic. Nightwing #28 by Casey Jones. Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1 by Jason Fabok. Shade The Changing Girl #12 by Matt Taylor. Injustice 2 #9 by Dale Keown. Dastardly And Muttley #1 by Liam Sharp. DC[...]
Here's How To Get a Free Logan Poster By Art Adams, Nate Powell, Babs Tarr, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Lemire, or Bill Sienkiewicz
Atom chose some pretty awesome comics artists to make the posters as well: Art Adams, Nate Powell, Babs Tarr, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Lemire, and Bill Sienkiewicz This is a veritable who's who of comic book artists, and if you're not on the list, you should probably feel a little jealous. Or super jealous. All the artists were rubbing[...]
UN Takes Wonder Woman's Job Because of How She Dresses
So in an image where Wonder Woman is drawn as sexual for purely titillating reasons, it is not her choice to do so. Wonder Woman by Kris Anka And even if it was, so what? Are we saying a woman, fictional or otherwise, has no worth based on her choice of clothing? Wonder Woman by Babs Tarr Is this[...]
Motor Crush Revs Up With Lush Backup Feature Isola
By Jonathan Rich Bleeding Cool Correspondent The celebrated trio of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr created quite a following for themselves by modernizing DC Comic's iconic character Batgirl in 2014 and hope to follow up that success with their creator-owned project Motor Crush for Image Comics. "It's the story of motorcycle racer Domino Swift," Fletcher said[...]
Babs Tarr's Wonder Woman Cover To San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Souvenir Book SDCC
Babs Tarr has drawn the cover to this year's Souvenir Book for San Diego Comic-Con, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman. It's one of those years, the catalog also recognises the 75th anniversary of Aquaman, Archie, Captain America, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV show, Black Panther, the Silver Surfer[...]
Enough Batgirls To Go Around…Gail Simone Agrees
Overall I think that the work that Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr did is admirable Some of what they did was actually very brave It gave Barbara Gordon's character new life that was in some ways better received to a new audience than Simone's It's true, we all have our preferences. Rich Johnston reported[...]
Batgirl Team Has A New Comic From Image Together? Expo Announcement Expected…
That includes Batgirl, the comic transformed by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr, that saw Barbara Gordon move to Burnside and an industry changing attitude that used the term "Batgirling" first internally at DC Comics, then more widely. In June, we will get the two books Batgirl and Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey, with creative[...]