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Doctor Who: Christmas Special Trailer Suggests a Future with Fantasy
That scene in the club where the Doctor is dancing and Ruby (Millie Gibson) sees him for the first time is a callback to the first scene in the original British series of Queer as Folk, the show that broke open LGBTQ representation on British television, put Davies on the map as an A-list showrunner[...]
I Hate Suzy Too: Billie Piper Returns to HBO Max on December 22nd
Will she win the hearts of the British public? And restore her reputation? And at what cost? Written by acclaimed playwright and contributor to HBO's Succession Lucy Prebble and co-created with Piper, who also stars, the series is produced by Bad Wolf (also currently producing the new season of Doctor Who) in association with Sky Studios[...]
Warlord Chronicles: TV Adaptation from ‘His Dark Materials’ Producer
Sony Pictures Television is looking to the first book in Bernard Cornwell's Warlord Chronicles trilogy, "The Winter King" into a 10-part series courtesy of Jane Tranter's Bad Wolf Filming is expected to start sometime in 2022, according to Variety "The Winter King" is being positioned as a revisionist take on the Arthurian legends, which were[...]
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Doctor Who co-producer Bad Wolf is said to be close to getting bought up by Sony Pictures Television Bad Wolf is partnering with Russell T Davies to co-produce series 14 of Doctor Who when the latter returns as showrunner Bad Wolf is headed by Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, the former BBC executives responsible for[...]
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The series will be shot in Cardiff, Wales, during the summer of 2019. Bad Wolf will be handling production on the series, which will also be produced by Down and Kay, with Bad Wold co-founder Jane Tranter, as well as Lachlan MacKinnon, and Ryan Rasmussen Industry will be the first project in an initiative between Bad[...]