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No Time to Die Latest Bond Trailer Reveals Key Characters, More Plot
"It should be a woman!" "Idris Elba should play him!" "It should be a black lesbian from Haiti who's deaf!" Producer and guardian of the franchise Barbara Broccoli has come out and said that James Bond should remain male and British but is open to him being played by a man of colour. Daniel Craig as[...]
No Time to Die Latest Bond Trailer Reveals Key Characters, More Plot
Fukunaga's also earned the endorsement of producer Barbara Broccoli "He far exceeded anyone's expectations," she said "He's made probably one of the best Bond films ever… He's delivered a film on an epic scale, but it also has a tremendous, tremendous intimacy… It's a classic Bond movie but also a Cary Fukunaga film." Following Sam[...]
Barbara Broccoli Thinks "It's Time" For a Non-White James Bond
Apparently long-time James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli thinks it's time for a non-white actor to take over the mantel of James Bond. According to The Independent, who got their news from The Daily Star, director Antoine Fuqua recently revealed that Broccoli feels "it is time" for an ethnic minority actor to star as 007 and she is[...]
The Next James Bond Could Be Black or a Woman
According to producer and delicious steamed vegetable Barbara Broccoli, the next actor to play James Bond after Daniel Craig could be black or a woman The Daily Mail doesn't say whether the next James Bond could be both Black and a woman, but we assume that if either is possible, both are probably possible as well. "These films[...]