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Rewriting The Origin Of Batman's Yellow Oval Logo
Spoilers for Batman #130 out this week ahead Batspoilers. DC lawyer Bernie Kashdan told Batman movie franchise producer Michael Uslan that the addition of the yellow circle behind Batman's chest logo of the bat silhouette was "motivated by DC's need to trade-mark Batman's chest symbol for merchandising, et al., to come The legal opinion was that[...]
DC Spoils Batman #129 Cliffhanger Before We Got A Chance To Read It
Bleeding Cool ran a preview of Batman #130 yesterday, with Batman in space, trying to survive an encounter on the moon with Failsafe In the current Batman comic books published by DC Comics, Batman is believed to have killed the Penguin It was a trick, set up by The Penguin to fake his own death,[...]
Oops! DC Comics Released Batman #130 Preview By Mistake
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a preview for Batman #130 released by DC Comics, pointing out that it served as a direct spoiler for any cliffhanger for Batman #129 Worked out what that cliffhanger could be And wondered what DC Comics were playing at. Well, it turns out it was a mistake The following missive was forwarded[...]
DC Spoils Batman #129 Cliffhanger Before We Got A Chance To Read It
Because, in the preview for Batman #130, released today, and as textless as it is, they utterly spoil the ending of next week's Batman #129 Presumably Oh well, in for a penny Chip Zdarsky can't blame me for this one. Because Batman #130 begins with Bruce Wayne blowing up his Batplane in mid-air Presumably how #129[...]