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Batman Begins is Back With Brand New Tumbler Scarecrow LEGO Set
LEGO is taking fans back to the beginning with Batman Begins as they reveal their newest The Dark Knight Trilogy set The Tumbler is back with a very fun and unique set that captures the Scarecrow taking on the force of the Bat The set is 422 pieces with the Tumble as the main buildable[...]
Sideshow Returns to the Beginning With New  Batman Begins Statue
Coming out of Batman Begins, this 25.75" tall statue captures the live action batsuit straight from the film The cape will be made of fabric as well as wired, allowing fans to display it have they choose The matte black finish on Batman really stands out and the newly modified WayneTech tactical armor Sideshow really[...]
Hot Toys Debuts First 1/6 Vehicle With Batman Begins Batmobile Tumbler
Take to the streets of Gotham as Hot Toys debuts their newest 1/6 scale vehicle from the 2005 film Batman Begins Hot Toys just revealed their new 1/6 scale Batman figure from the film, which fans can view here This vehicle is a companion piece to the figure as it will even be able to[...]
Batman Returns to 2005 As Hot Toys Debuts New Batman Begin Figure
Hot Toys is giving Batman fans a real treat as they revisit the 2005 film Batman Begins with their newest 1/6 scale figure Return to where it all began as Christian Bale is back as the Dark Knight with this magnificent figure release Hot Toys capture the on-screen appearance of this version of the bat[...]
Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.
The movie adds include Batman Begins, Jason X, and The Pursuit of Happyness, along with the family comedy Yes Day starring Jennifer Garner Series adds include Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Season 2, the new Pacific Rim: The Black anime series, and Last Chance U, which is one I cannot wait for You can see the[...]
The Sandman announcement key art. (Image: Netflix)
Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Terminator: Dark Fate, Foundation) kept The Sandman casting news so hush-hush- until today, that is With more names still to come (smart move holding off on who locked in the highly-anticipated role of Death), the streaming service is welcoming Tom Sturridge (Sweetbitter) as Dream, Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones)[...]
christopher nolan
I personally stand firm that the only one that holds up from beginning to end is Batman Begins, but I know I am in the minority on that one During a recent virtual chat promoting the new Tim Shore book The Nolan Variations on 92Y, he talked a bit about his line of thinking on[...]
The Dark Knight Prologue #1 Front Cover
There are comic book series almost every comic fan knows, there are comic book characters that most everyone knows, there are specific comic books most every comic reader knows, and then there are the more obscure issues that slip through the cracks.  What makes obscure comics so interesting and vital is discovering those books that[...]
Unpopular Opinion: The Dark Knight Is Not Very Good Anymore
And what is that last scene with Bruce/Joker/and the dogs? So weird, and it just feels thrown in there. To me, an admitted non-Batman fan, Batman Begins is the best of the three Technically, from a filmmaking standpoint, this one does the most impressive things The cast is also more solid overall like they were all[...]
The Art Behind a Great Teaser Trailer
While this teaser was pulled because of 9/11, it remains one of the best for playing your cards close to the chest when it comes to the final reveal, which is an ongoing theme for this list. Batman Begins (2005) Teaser Trailer Once again, we're in a mostly pre-youtube world, and this trailer comes up when you're going[...]
The logo for streamer Hulu.
Check out the full list of adds to Hulu, both tv and movies, down below. The logo for streamer Hulu. Hulu Adds For May 1st TV Bloom: Complete: Season 2 Movies Aeon Flux Assassination Tango Batman Begins Billy the Kid Brick Mansions The Conjuring Crooked Hearts  The Dark Knight Demolition Man Escape from Alcatraz Friday the 13th Part III Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter Gloria Goodfellas The Graduate The Green Mile Harry Benson: Shoot[...]
Batarang Generation Replicas Flies In from Ikon Design Studio
First, we will be getting the 2005 Batman Begins batarang This gold-colored Batarang is the same one Christian Bale used in his portrayal of the Dark Knight We will be getting the one from the hit video game 2009 Arkham Asylum. This one is a little more intricate and bigger than the previous one, but I have always loved the[...]
Strange Angel: CBS All Access Casts Six for Upcoming Drama Series
Created by Mark Heyman and based on George Pendle's book, Peter Mark Kendall (The Americans, Girls), Michael Gaston (The Man in the High Castle, The Leftovers), Greg Wise (Sense & Sensibility, The Crown), Rade Šerbedžija (Batman Begins, Eyes Wide Shut), Zack Pearlman (Shameless, Mulaney) and Keye Chen (Silicon Valley, Tales of Titan) will be joining a cast[...]
The Christopher Nolan 4K Box Set Is Unreal, In The Best Ways
Director Christopher Nolan is a perfectionist, and the majority of his films show this. We recently upgraded our home theater system to a 7.1.2, specifically in order to really appriciate the wide range of things being offered on 4K Ultra HD, like the Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan 4K/Blu Ray box set collection. The 21 disc set contains Nolan's three Batman[...]