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Dennis Gets A Mega-Zine, And A Rival In Angel Face
Meet Angel Face, Dennis The Menace's rival who began appearing in the weekly Beano comic strip since last year, but is now making a jump to the new series of the Dennis The Menace TV cartoon on CBBC Daughter of the school's headmaster, but who gets away with murder due to her innocent expression, she[...]
When Beanotown Opened To The General Public Today. Including My Two.
So I went to the new Beanotown event at London's South Bank with the kids Round the back of Queen Elizabeth Hall was the most remarkably, museum, playpen and culinary experience celebrating Britain's oldest comic book And the oldest continually publishing in one volume comic book in the world The Beano. It celebrates the current Beano,[...]
The Dandy, The Phoenix And The MooseKid: An Interview With Jamie Smart
He's also the creator of Corporate Skull, the best monster fighting/office worker finding the joy in their life at the expense of their face comic ever written and has had work in The Dandy, The Beano, The DFC and The Phoenix Jamie is prolific, massively talented and at the cutting edge of UK children's comics[...]
Special Edition Of The Beano Annual For British Comedy Awards
And a special edition of this year's Beano Annual hs been published for the event, showcasing a number of nominatedand presenting acts from Jonathan Ross to Miranda Hart to Harry Hill to… um… Michael McIntyre And Dennis The Menace and Gnasher, of course. Only a thousand have been produced Expect some of the less-well-heeled comedians to[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Sixty Years Of Menace
I have never seen a Voltron toy in my life.l I don'twant to start now. AnniversaryWatch: Dennis The Menace turns 60 years old in The Beano this week And he doesn;t look a day after nine Before Bart, before Cartman, there was the British Debnnis The Menace and his dog Gnasher causing mayhem before getting a[...]