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Guardians Past $100M in International Box Office Opening

opening of the year behind Beauty and the Beast, another Disney property.Those Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 doesn't open until May 5th in the U.S., the film debuted in 37 international markets this weekend to an opening of $101.2 million.This is 57% higher than the previous Guardian film, 50% higher than Captain America:[...]

Beauty And The Beast Parody With Deadpool… Not As The Beast

Here's a bit of fun, a Beauty and the Beast parody with Deadpool in the role of Gaston It even has a few special guests: Black Widow, Rogue, Psylocke and Spider-Man The guy playing Deadpool does a pretty good job too. Here's a bit of fun, a Beauty and the Beast parody with Deadpool in[...]

Beauty And The Beast Get A Hip Hop Parody

With the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters this weekend, the Nerdist has put together this parody music video of Migos song Bad and Boujee This version, Belle and Boujee, stars Amber Borzotra as Lumiere, Chasity Samone as Fifi, Jess Taras as Mrs Potts, Freddy Scott as Quavo the Plate, Dane Troy as Gaston and Gerald Grisette[...]

LEGO BrickHeadz Have Hit Stores, And They Are Quite Tiny And Addicting

I had my daughter with me, and she could not possibly be more excited for a film than Beauty and the Beast, so we grabbed a Disney one and I got myself Captain America from the Marvel series LEGO Batman Movie figures make up the other four wave one figures.[gallery ids="622961,622963,622964,622962,622969"]When you open the box, the[...]

Report: Russia Could Ban Beauty And The Beast Over Gay LeFou Scenes

Russia is considering banning the upcoming release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast due to the appearance of the company's first openly gay movie character According to BBC News, politician Vitaly Milonov has asked Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky to hold a screening of the movie to determine whether it violate's the country's messed up gay propaganda laws,[...]

Why Disney's First Canonical Gay Character Isn't Necessarily a Good Thing

Yesterday the news came out that Disney's upcoming live-action version of 1991 animated film, Beauty & the Beast, would make history with Disney's first canonical queer character in it's first 'exclusively gay moment' (which is some interesting wording there).  And there seems to be plenty of applauding going on. But is it really such a […]

Final Beauty And The Beast Trailer Is Our Best Look At The Film Yet

Beauty and the Beast has looked very promising, especially considering it's possibly the most anticipated 'live action Disney movie' to date (probably only ever going to be beaten in anticipation by The Lion King.)However, it has deliberately played coy with a lot of its details, but it's time to start drawing that curtain up[...]

Funko Pint-Size Heroes Get Adorable Disney Figures

Today is London Toy Fair and Funko are revealing all of their upcoming products for the first half of the year. Next up are an adorable entry into their Pint-Size Heroes line, with Disney joining the fray. Look for these in stores this spring.

Beauty And The Beast Gets Two New TV Spots Inviting You To Be A Guest

Beauty and the Beast is out deceptively soon, and that is perhaps why it is unsurprising the marketing is kicking into overdrive right nowIn that light, here are two new TV spots for the film These come by way of CB, and they feature new footage too I really like the bit where there[...]

Beauty And The Beast Gets An Extended TV Spot For Christmas

Beauty and the Beast, judging by views of its original trailer, is set to be one of the biggest films next year The buzz around it is pretty staggering all told.To keep that buzz going, here is a new TV Spot for the film, which runs at a minute long There are a few clips[...]

The Awful Gaston Courts Belle In New Beauty And The Beast Picture

That can be a pretty real concept right now.We haven't seen much of him in the live action adaption of Beauty and the Beast yet, just a few cut aways, but you can get a good look at him here Empire have shared this look at the character, where he seems to be trying to[...]

Disney's Beauty And The Beast Gets Its First Full Trailer

After a long time coming, the live action Beauty and the Beast film from Disney now has a trailer for you to look at.I really appreciate how visually rich this is looking It looks packed with detail and seems to be a very faithful recreation of the animation, which is no small task.Not much more[...]