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Skybound Confirms Ben Abernathy As Exec Editor And Other Hires
On the 9th of January, Bleeding Cool reported that Ben Abernathy had quit the Batman Group Editor job (one that DC still hasn't found a replacement for) and on the 10th that he was heading to Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Almost three months later and Skybound has confirmed that scoop, as another box of shoes[...]
DC Giving Away Detecyive Comics #27 In New York For Free
Ben Abernathy quit DC Comics as Batman editor, to move to Skybound Entertainment, with Katie Kubert stepping in temporarily, doubling up her duties as Group Editor to help fill the gap. Bleeding Cool has now been told that Alex Antone was planned to be hired as Batman editor A former DC Comics Editor, he has been[...]
Jessica Chen, Leaving DC - And Leaving Comics?
With the Bleeding Cool scoops about Ben Abernathy leaving DC Comics as Executive Editor and Batman Group Editor, probably for Skybound Entertainment, I took the excuse to check back with Jesicca Chen Back in July 2023, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Jessica Chen, editor on titles such as Catwoman, Batgirls, Nightwing, Detective Comics, Monkey[...]
Ben Abernathy Quit DC And Batman For Robert Kirkman's Skybound?
Last night, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Ben Abernathy has quit DC Comics, where he was Batman Group Editor and Executive Editor We asked why, and found a couple of possible answers, but nothing as to the where or where next, for the man But as of this morning, that's now what we have[...]
Late Night Scoop: Ben Abernathy, Batman Group Executive Editor, Quits DC Comics
With the news you may have gathered from the headline, that Batman Group Editor and Executive Editor at DC Comics, Ben Abernathy, has quit DC I have had no response from DC or Ben Abernathy regarding this change of affairs, but I have had the news confirmed and corroborated by many people far closer to[...]
The DC Comics Editorial Phone List Of 2002
Roy Thomas should have been a speaker, but he only appeared in a video they ran, and he didn't attend in person. Mike Carlin: Gerry must have flown himself there… because if Disney was paying, Roy Thomas shoulda been there, too, Peter! After much deliberation, the remaining DC Comics staffers are Mike Carlin, Jim Lee, Kristy Quinn,[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
(Down) Dubbed by people I've spoken to as the 'editor of choice' at DC, she's back to putting comic book band-aids together, Convergence-style, to keep the whole of DC publishing on track. Chris Ryall (Up) Ryall returned to IDW at the end of last year and has managed to create some new excitement at the publisher[...]
The Cover to DCeased #5... and a "Crazy" Follow-Up? — Tom Taylor (@TomTaylorMade) July 12, 2019 And now writer Tom Taylor is teasing something to follow, something involving DC Director of Talent Relations Ben Abernathy… #DCeased fans.@DCComics and I will be sharing a whole lot of… something… very soon.Be watching for the next few days.@Ben_Abernathy — Tom Taylor (@TomTaylorMade) July 12, 2019 Of which Abernathy declares: Things are[...]
DC Comics Hiring Continues To Cause Ructions
We mentioned a while ago that the DC Comics move from East Coast to West Coast would cause ructions for West Coast publishers, more than it would the New York publishers they leave behind. After all, losing almost half your New York staff, even with imposed cutbacks, still means for a lot of Help Wanted signs. Last[...]
Ben Abernathy Is Now Director Of Talent Relations For DC Comics
Ben Abernathy, former DC Comics and Wildstorm editor left the company a few years back to work with Madefire… but now he is returning as the Director of Talent Relations Abernathy teased his return on twitter today, but then Gail Simone let the cat out of the bag all together.   Duh duh DUH[...]
Ben Abernathy Joins Madefire
He was the digital editor at DC Comics, until he mysteriously vanished from the company a couple of weeks ago. Now he has popped up, mentioned in a USA Today puff piece about the innovative digital comics company, Madefire, full to busting with big names. Founded in 2011 by Ben Wolstenholme, Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden, Madefire[...]
Ben Abernathy Leaves DC Comics
With a history at Dark Horse Comics and Marvel, Ben Abernathy was Senior Editor at Wildstorm when DC Comics underwent their relatively recent reorganisation, closed down Wildstorm and moved Ben to DC Digital Recently as Digital Editor, he's been focused on DC's original digital books, such as the current Legends Of The Dark Knight, the[...]