The DC Comics Staff Phone Listing Sheet Of 2002

As posted by former DC Comics Executive Editor, and now Special Projects Editor at IDW, Scott Dunbier to Facebook. The DC Comics Staff Phone Listing Of 2002. And no, none of the phone numbers work anymore. Indeed, hardly anyone on this list still works for DC Comics, just eight do. We'll reveal who below, but can you work out who they are before we do?

The DC Comics Editorial Phone List Of 2002
The DC Comics Staff Phone Listing Of 2002 from Scott Dunbier

There was commentary from many of those, past and present, when identifying who was still in the DC Comics virtual building.

Scott Dunbier: this is starting to sound like an Agatha Christie story!
Mike Carlin: Yeah… THE DCU MURDERS
Scott Dunbier: I was thinking AND THEN THERE WERE ALMOST NONE!
Michael McAvennie: was my co-writer on SUPERBOY and joined DC late-2001, early 2002. I left DC in Sept. 2002.
Dan DiDio: feels like mid 2002
Michael McAvennie: Yep. I remember Paul giving me the stinkeye when he announced you joining DC to the team, but someone had already been working with you. I replied, "What can I tell you? I'm a visionary."
Peter Sanderson: Yeah, another depressing reminder of how few people manage to spend their whole career at DC—and Marvel is worse.
Mike Carlin: How d'ya think us 8 feel?!
Peter Sanderson: You're very fortunate.
Mike Carlin: That's one way to look at it… it's depressing when everyone else is gone, if ya ask me.
Peter Sanderson: I expect that's true. But when I visit Marvel (and I haven't been to their current offices, but during the pandemic they're closed anyway), Tom Brevoort is the only survivor from my days at Marvel. So eight people at DC is better than that! This is also what made going to the taping of the Stan Lee memorial TV special so wonderful: So many Marvel people from our generation were there. I wish Marvel would start doing the "friends and family" advance screenings of Marvel movies again because I always saw old friends there. But DC, of course, is now very far away.
Mike Carlin: I'da gone to the Stan thing if invited, Peter… physical distance isn't the only gap 'tween companies anymore, I'm afraid.
And together with DC… Marvel and DC could field a softball team.
Peter Sanderson: I wish you had been invited and that you had been there. I hope that current Marvel people are aware you used to work at Marvel. Maybe they just assumed that West Coast people wouldn't fly in for this. (Though Gerry Conway did, and he was even one of the speakers!)
Brian Hibbs: A weird thing that I realized is that I know more *retailers* who are "lifers" than staff at publishers. I am on like #4 (I think?) "VP of Sales/Marketing" at DC, in my career now — Bristow, Wayne, Cunningham, Spears… and I sorta feel like I missed some step in the middle? And then THEIR bosses all changed more than THAT, and none of those topper-level folks knows a damn thing about the market that actually pays 60% or more of their publishing income…..
Peter Sanderson: Long ago a bunch of us who worked for Marvel were having dinner and John Byrne commented that we were all "lifers." And no one who was there now works regularly at Marvel. The thing is that Marvel and DC don't employ us for life. But as far as our devotion to comics and to the classic Marvel and DC characters, I think all of us really are lifers. I know I am.
Brian Hibbs: Yes. BUT! Retailers, like as a class, are the real lifers — I am at 36 years at this point of selling Marvel/DC comics. And I am the BABY of my peer group!
Peter Sanderson: Yep, you guys succeeded at being employed lifers!
Mike Carlin: Peter… I guess I'm lucky some folks at DC still remember I work there. Tom B knows I worked at Marvel… don't suspect many others do. And always nice to be invited even if I didn't wanna fly myself there… I woulda… BUT Gerry C really SHOULD be there!
Peter Sanderson: Yes, I think he got to be a speaker because he actually worked with Stan in his first years at Marvel. Come to think of it, maybe Disney/Marvel paid for him to come in and be a speaker. Roy Thomas should have been a speaker, but he only appeared in a video they ran, and he didn't attend in person.
Mike Carlin: Gerry must have flown himself there… because if Disney was paying, Roy Thomas shoulda been there, too, Peter!

After much deliberation, the remaining DC Comics staffers are Mike Carlin, Jim Lee, Kristy Quinn, Ben Abernathy, Larry Ganem, Danny Alonzo, Amie Brockway-Metcalf, and Curtis King, although many of their roles have changed. And of those eight, three were from WildStorm, one from the DCU, and none from Vertigo editorial.

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