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I can't recommend it, exactly, but it's an undeniably fascinating work and, for my sins, one of the foundational comics for me – so every so often, I keep coming back and looking at it from a different angle, trying to find a way in through the tangle." And also, "I have a theory that[...]
You wait ages for the return of The Beyonder, and then Marvel gives you three of them all at once The one over in Monica Rambeau: Photon, the one who was recently in Marvel's Defenders and then the one in today's Avengers Beyond, revealed (by the front cover) as the voice that has been narrating[...]
Interior preview page from AVENGERS BEYOND #1 GREG LAND COVER
The Beyonder is exposed, and he's got some bad news for The Avengers in this preview of Avengers Beyond #1 Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Now, LOLtron, don't try to take over the world this time, but what do you think of this preview? INITIATING CLICKBAIT PROTOCOLS… PROCESSING COMIC BOOK[...]
A bit like a certain other Ewing at Marvel has done… And just like Al Ewing, Eve L Ewing has her own version of the Beyonder to bring into the mix. And it seems that there is something drawing this version of the Beyonder to her… And this Beyonder has got special flashback powers. Energy flowing from another universe…[...]
Marvel To End All-Out Avengers With Avengers Beyond
Here, now, this unseen individual is to be dragged, kicking and screaming, from the shadows and into the light – and is revealed as the Beyonder! Something big is coming to the Marvel Universe…" Marvel To End All-Out Avengers With Avengers Beyond "This March, the Avengers will finally realize the shocking truth behind their latest, action-packed adventures[...]
Defenders Lay Out Entirety Of Marvel History Like Never Before
And now he gets The Beyonder to join them all together in today's Defenders Beyond #3 drawn by Javier Rodriguez. Defenders Beyond #3 And so we start at the First Iteration of reality, as previously portrayed by Jim Starlin in the Infinity books and Grant Morrison in Marvel Boy… Marvel Boy #5 by Grant Morrison & JG Jones …[...]
Ghost Samurai Avengers
But no one is going to mistake that perm. Welcome back to the Marvel Universe, Beyonder Spider-Man's bathroom is waiting for you… DEFENDERS BEYOND #1 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS APR220824 (W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Javier Rodriguez Al Ewing and Javier Rodr guez follow up their acclaimed DEFENDERS: THERE ARE NO RULES series with a new volume and an all-new lineup, including[...]
Auto Draft
It's Defenders time! If anyone was going to dive back into the history of Secret Wars' The Beyonder, with all of the complications piled upon him by the likes of Brian Bendis of course it would be Al Ewing with his pickaxe and hard hat on, as he returns to The Defenders with Javier Rodriguez[...]
The Beyonder Returns To A New Defenders Seris (Mullet Included)
The Beyonder is returning to Marvel Comics in June, in a new Defenders series And not just any old Beyonder but the Beyonder with a mullet from Secret Wars II… while also sporting an Omega symbol on a visor between his massive shoulder pads Saying "AN UNEXPECTED FOE FOR THE DEFENDERS ARRIVES FROM BEYOND! The[...]
Finding Out Who Rabum Alal Is In New Avengers Just Asks More Questions
Doctor Doom and his quest for power… We have previously seen Doctor Doom trying to track down those who were monitoring the incursions…  and to find out who was behind it all. …and conspiring with Molecule Man in New Avengers to take it to those responsible. Giving us flashbacks to the time that Doom stole the power of the[...]
So… That Marvel Announcement – Why It's NOT A Reboot (UPDATE)
The Ultimate Universe as you know it is done." Could we find out who the 616 Miles Morales is along the way? And were does the Beyonder fit into all this?           It began when we ran this article The announcement of Time Runs Out on Bleeding Cool back in May[...]
Signs Of Secret Wars Across The Marvel Universe, Today
And Molecule Man seems to be describing his experiences with The Beyonder there. Talking of which, in Captain America And The Mighty Avengers, we see more of Jason Quantrell Last issue gave us this tease… …but this issue sees his involvement with Inhuman affairs increase, as he demonstrates a god-like position. You may remember that Brian Bendis retconned[...]