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Bret Hart appears on WWE's The Bump podcast to talk about SummerSlam.
In the list of worst moments of his life, the "Montreal Screwjob" must rank up there for Bret Hart alongside the time that sloppy piece of s*** Bill Goldberg kicked him in his head and ended his career But a question has long loomed over the event: did Vince McMahon screw Bret? Or did Bret[...]
Is The Hitman Bret Hart masquerading as a parody version of himself on Reddit to bury everything he hates about the business (which is apparently everything)?
Bret Hart is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in the squared circle, but his career was ended prematurely by a kick to the head by Bill Goldberg It's been over 20 years since Starrcade 1999 when the fateful kick occurred, so Bret has probably let go of[...]
With the trailer and images released for next week's episode of The Flash, we now know who former wrestler Bill Goldberg will be playing The character is named Big Sir and is someone who Barry (Grant Gustin) appears to befriend in Iron Heights prison From the way things look, Barry is going out of his[...]
There was a report that WWE Wrestler Bill Goldberg would be appearing for at least 2 episodes of The Flash The second report was that Kendrick Sampson (How To Get Away With Murder) was being cast as Brainstorm But if you go back to Halloween, The Hashtag Show reported two casting calls for The Flash,[...]
Former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg has confirmed that he will star in two upcoming episodes of The Flash on the CW Goldberg took to Twitter to confirm the news, which was originally posted on Instagram: Just saw this on @instagram @World_Of_Flash_ @Goldberg is this true if so that is so awesome first @EdgeRatedR guest[...]
Report: WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg Poops Twenty Times A Day
On Sunday at Wrestlemania, which you may or may not have heard is The Ultimate Thrill Ride (TM), legendary former WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg will defend his WWE Universal Championship against "The Beast" Brock Lesnar Starting from the time he wakes up on Sunday morning until he steps into the ring with Lesnar, probably sometime after[...]