CW's The Flash Is Next For WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg

Former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg has confirmed that he will star in two upcoming episodes of The Flash on the CW. Goldberg took to Twitter to confirm the news, which was originally posted on Instagram:

There's no details on what role Goldberg will play, but it seems likely that he could be one of the new metahumans that's been appearing each week on the show, and his second episode will be when the story of the metahumans and The Thinker comes together later in the season. That's pure speculation, of course, but enough to get the comments section pumping with guesses at which comic book villain he could play.

Goldberg has had something of a career resurgence lately. In addition to returning to WWE last year to win the Universal Championship and face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, Goldberg has also been appearing in shows like The Goldbergs (seriously). Goldberg is most famous for his undefeated streak in WCW, but he lists amongst his other accomplishments regularly pooping more than 20 times a day while training for the ring.

"I am nothing but a machine now," Goldberg said back in March, in case you thought we were making that up. "I get up in the morning. I eat. I train. I eat. I go to the bathroom about 20 times intermittently throughout the day because I'm shoving 15 to 20,000 calories in my body and it doesn't know what's going on. At 50 years old, it has no idea."

Bill Goldberg
Image courtesy of WWE

Goldberg isn't the first pro wrestler to join the Arrowverse. Adam "Edge" Copeland has appeared on The Flash before, playing the villain Atom Smasher, while Cody Rhodes appeared on Arrow. Arrow star Stephen Amell even crossed over in the other direction, feuding with Rhodes's character Stardust in WWE and later wrestling in Ring of Honor.

No word on when Goldberg's character will make his first appearance on The Flash. Tomorrow's episode will be part of the Crisis on Earth X super-mega-crossover event. Be sure to check out our primer on what to watch out for before watching tonight's Supergirl and Arrow.

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