Goldberg Says He's Hurt But Ready & Waiting For His Next WWE Match

We haven't seen Bill Goldberg on WWE television since he got his revenge against Bobby Lashley at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia this past October.  But in a new interview today with fellow WWE personality Pat McAfee, Goldberg said that even though his shoulder is currently "destroyed" and requires surgery to repair the issue, he is holding off on that at the moment.  Why, you might ask?  Because he has one more match left on his current WWE deal and he's waiting for a call from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to find out when that will go down.

Goldberg Says He's Hurt But Ready & Waiting For His Next WWE Match
WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, seen here on the October 4, 2021 episode of Raw, says he has a shoulder injury that requires surgery, courtesy of WWE.

Appearing live on The Pat McAfee Show today, Goldberg got into the details of his injury, saying it's something he's been dealing with for years, but has been hesitant to get surgery for until he finishes up his in-ring career.

"I won't tell everybody on national radio or television that my shoulder's been destroyed for the last three years, five years, eight years. And I need surgery, but you know, I'll get it when I'm done. I'll get it when I'm finished, and I'm none of those things."

The WWE Hall of Famer also says that when Vince McMahon calls, he is always ready for wherever and whenever he is needed, shoulder be damned!

"Well here's the deal, if Vince calls me tomorrow morning and says, 'Hey Goldberg, we need you in a month,' what am I gonna do if I get surgery, right? So I'll get 'er done when it's time."

Goldberg is 55 years old now, has been wrestling for 25 years, and had a football career at the University of Georgia and in the NFL before stepping into the ring.  It's not surprising at all to hear that there's some serious damage done to his body after all those years of hard impact and physicality.

And even though he does need shoulder surgery, Goldberg is adament that he has one more match on his deal with WWE and he intends to honor it when they need him.

Will that be his last match ever?  We shall see, but hopefully it happens soon and Goldberg can get whatever work he needs done out of the way and can live without pain going forward.

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