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How A Failure At DC Comics Led To 'Black' by Kwanza Osajyefo
2000 DC: Black To The Future – How eschewing the establishment allowed me focus on what was is missing and what matters in making comics. By Kwanza Johnson, professionally known as Kwanza Osajyefo. What if only Black people had superpowers? The question hung in my mind as I thumbed through some comics, wrestling with the notion that a specific[...]
NYCC Debut: Afrofuturefest –  And An Answer To Larry Stroman's Concerns?
Afrofuturefest is American Culture." says Fielder. Serving as ground zero for their largest fan-base of black nerds or "blerds," Afrofuturefest participants will be selling copies of their work, creating original pieces, participating in panel discussions, signing autographs, taking pictures with fans and conducting on camera interviews for social media This event is not to be missed! See[...]
Asking Why Black Fans Avoid Black Creators At Comic Cons – The Pros Speak
As the show progressed, Anthony begin to notice something that Brandon already realized: While there was strong interest in the All Ages book, none of the Black attendees would stop What really stands out and affects the duo to this very day was when a little Black boy stopped, checked out the book, and was[...]
Larry Stroman On When Black Fans Avoid Black Creators At Comic Con
Larry Stroman, co-creator of Tribe and known for his work on Darkstars and X-Factor, wrote on Facebook. for all of you BLACK PEOPLE who go to comic shows,comic cons,events at comic stores who break your necks to AVOID every black creator working on an independent or mainstream book……you should be ashamed of yourselves. It seemed to strike[...]
When Message Board Posters Write Marvel's Comics for Them
Thor and All-New Captain America. The first has a mystery woman take the role of the god of thunder, spinning Mjolnir, after Thor was judged unworthy to wield his own powers. And second has Sam Wilson, The Falcon, a black man, taking the role of Captain America, after age caught up with Steve Rogers. Some response has been[...]
Dan Slott Lays Down The Case For A Non-White Spider-Man
A few years ago, I wrote an article, speculating that Marvel was to announce a black Spider-Man for the Ultimate line It just felt like that something was in the air. The reaction was… let's go with mixed. Then when it was actually announced, I wrote another that showed not much had changed. And now, with Marvel and Sony recasting[...]
'The Image Of A Black Man On Fire'… Casting Michael B Jordan As The Human Torch
Like a fanboy who doesn't get their way, I took to the message boards to bitch; in doing so, I found myself on the uncomfortable side of the racists, traditionalists and other malcontents. It wasn't about just wanting to remain faithful to source material anymore, now I was confronted with questioning why I was so bothered[...]
Fear Of A Black Human Torch
And wait a minute, Spider-Man didn't have organic web making capabilities when he started out! He had to make his webs himself! And didn't Watchmen have a different ending? And I don't recall V For Vendetta being such a dull, hackneyed love story when I read the comic! What's that? You didn't really care about that?[...]
Code Black – Michael Davis, From The Edge
He runs The Black Panel at San Diego Comic Con And he now writes a weekly column for Bleeding Cool. In 1956 the two-year old Comics Code Authority (CCA) tried its best to stop EC Comics from publishing a particularly offensive comic book Founded in 1954, as part of the Comics Magazine Association Of America the[...]
Will We Get A Black Wally West From DC Comics?
She's unaware of Barry's strong feelings for her. Iris West and her father, both adoptive and real (from the 30th century) in the comics, were white. Which means, while it is likely that Barry Allen will be white, with those surnames, when Wally West, Iris' nephew, Kid Flash and eventual inheritor of the Flash name turns up,[...]