Dan Slott Lays Down The Case For A Non-White Spider-Man

A few years ago, I wrote an article, speculating that Marvel was to announce a black Spider-Man for the Ultimate line It just felt like that something was in the air. The reaction was.. let's go with mixed. Then when it was actually announced, I wrote another that showed not much had changed.And now, with Marvel and Sony recasting[...]

Welcome, America, To Your New Wally West

This is your first look at the new Wally West, making his appearance, five years later, in next week's Flash #30. It's not the only familiar character making a reinvented return… For example, in Justice League United we also get a similarly reinvented Alanna Strange. And in Batman Eternal? Here's the one you've all been […]

'The Image Of A Black Man On Fire'… Casting Michael B Jordan As The Human Torch

Like a fanboy who doesn’t get their way, I took to the message boards to bitch; in doing so, I found myself on the uncomfortable side of the racists, traditionalists and other malcontents.It wasn’t about just wanting to remain faithful to source material anymore, now I was confronted with questioning why I was so bothered[...]

Fear Of A Black Human Torch

And wait a minute, Spider-Man didn’t have organic web making capabilities when he started out! He had to make his webs himself! And didn’t Watchmen have a different ending? And I don’t recall V For Vendetta being such a dull, hackneyed love story when I read the comic!What’s that? You didn’t really care about that?[...]

Code Black – Michael Davis, From The Edge

He runs The Black Panel at San Diego Comic Con And he now writes a weekly column for Bleeding Cool.In 1956 the two-year old Comics Code Authority (CCA) tried its best to stop EC Comics from publishing a particularly offensive comic book Founded in 1954, as part of the Comics Magazine Association Of America the[...]

Will We Get A Black Wally West From DC Comics?

She’s unaware of Barry’s strong feelings for her. Iris West and her father, both adoptive and real (from the 30th century) in the comics, were white.Which means, while it is likely that Barry Allen will be white, with those surnames, when Wally West, Iris' nephew, Kid Flash and eventual inheritor of the Flash name turns up,[...]

Choosing The Colour Of Your Tombstone

WHat gave you the idea that we said he was?— Tom Brennan (@Brennanator) December 31, 2013 Tombstone has previously been portrayed as an albino black man Had things changed?@hermanos Her mom is not black, but you're right that the colorist did not receive proper color reference from me.— Tom Brennan (@Brennanator) December 31, 2013Look for a[...]

"A Long Story Not Short" – Michael Davis, From The Edge

He runs The Black Panel at San Diego Comic Con And he now writes a weekly column for Bleeding Cool.I was going to write ‘The Top Ten Black Superheroes Created By Black People” as a bookend to my article “The Top Ten Black Superheroes Created By White Guys and Louise Simonson.”“Oh no!” said the millions[...]

Tuesday Runaround – Black Cosplayers But No Black Comic Writers

WHY DOES SUPERMAN NEED A MASK?When children's hospital window cleaners cosplay...STAN ALIVEHeidi MacDonald goes to the Stan Lee Kids Universe launch event. The Kids UNiverse is produced in conjunction with 1821 Productions and thus far includes two titles: the very promising sounding KITTENS VS MONSTERS by Dani Jones and a game for the ioS platform called[...]

Harlem To Host Its First Black Comic Book Festival To Launch In January

On Saturday, January 12th from 10am to 4pm, The Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture of Harlem, New York, will be launching their first Black Comic Festival.It is described as "a dynamic festival for young people that celebrates the rich tradition of black superheroes and features a screening of the film “White Scripts and[...]

The Future Of The Marvel Universe Has A Black Republican American President

Your first black Republican president.Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Who are preparing to launch new issues of two of the best British Independent Comics anthologies – The Strumpet and Ink+Paper.In the new issue of Daredevil: End Of Days out today, by Brian Bendis, Klaus Janson, and Bill Sienkiewicz, Ben Urich trudges the streets[...]

The Thrill Of The Hunt – Valiant Black

The 12-page preview comic features a predominantly black cover inside a black envelope – hence its name "Valiant Black" – and saw one copy distributed to each of Valiant’s top 500 customers Although only a week old, the issue has sparked significant back market interest.More than a dozen have been sold so far on ebay,[...]

Understanding Ethnocrunching – How Racism Works In The Comic Industry

The findings were awful but not unexpected as the Big Two have long been dominated by a culture of nepotism that routinely excludes women and non-White men, particularly Black/African-American men.Clearly, breaking into Marvel or DC is insanely difficult and few people of any background manage to get close; but the fact that there are less[...]


Called Valiant Black Retailers have already been asking each other what it is.Well, not only does Bleeding Cool know, but we also have a copy And an iPad camera on which to open it to see what is what And getting all the answers we need.Unveiling.. for the first time.. Valiant Black.[youtube][/youtube] [...]

Isaac Perlmutter Gets The Press Attention He'd Rather Avoid

Now the largest single shareholder of Disney, he has been making his prescence known in the company, and the man who has tried to hide of late is in danger of being dragged into the open.Known at Marvel for looking after the pennies, and managing with as few employees as possible, with regular rounds of[...]

A Very Black Superman

 Well I guess it is Super Black History Month In a preview of Gene Ha's work from an upcoming issue of Action Comics #9, the DC Source has shown us that the Superman of a parallel Earth isn't the old white guy you might once have known, but a rather buff black man.Grant Morrison recently[...]

Six Changes For Superman #1

Racebending Morgan Edge The Superman badguy media mogal, played by Rutger Hauer in Smallville gets blackwashed.2 Clark Kent Gets Cuckolded Not only are Lois and Clark not married...But her current sleeping partner, if he married Lois, she'd be Lois Carroll And Alice In Wonderland fans will demand that this happen But also Lois and Clark.....[...]

Look, The Press Have Been Talking About Marvel Too

Marvel would like to remind you that the press have been talking about other comics as well as the DC Relaunch. Such as a certain Ultimate Spider-Man #1, in comic stores tomorrow. All sorts of websites, newspapers and TV shows. Including one called "The Coblert Report". Yeah, I know, mote and beam, mote and beam. […]