Getting to Know Black / Excellence with Khary Randolph

Getting to Know Black / Excellence with Khary Randolph

Khary Randolph is one of the hardest working comic book artists today. Having worked in the business for about 20 years, Randolph has worked for companies ranging from Marvel (Mosaic) to DC (We Are Robin) to Image (Tech Jacket). More recently he's been involved with Black Mask's smash hit BLACK and last year launched the […]

Gossip: In 2021, DC Comics Will Give Us a Black Batman

DC Comics is About to Give Us a Black Batman

The hot gossip coming out of comic book shows this weekend from a number of prominent sources, is that in the summer of 2020 leading into 2021, DC Comics is planning to bring us a black Batman. Not Bruce Wayne, but someone else donning the cowl and cape. Who this new Batman will be, I […]

White, the Sequel to Black, Launches on Kickstarter

The sequel to critically-acclaimed comic Black is called White, and it's raising funds on Kickstarter starting today! Black, a comic set in a world where only Black people have superpowers and exploring the way America reacts to that (spoiler: negatively), originally launched on Kickstarter in 2016, went on to be a success at Black Mask […]

White, the Sequel to Black Set 400 Years Later, Coming in Summer 2019

Teased at New York Comic Con, the hit comic Black by Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Jamal Igle, and Khary Randolph, set in a world in which only Black people have superpowers, which has launched a universe of spinoff titles in the form of Black AF, is getting a proper follow-up next year. Set 400 years after […]


Kwanza Osajyefo And Tim Smith 3's 'Black' Is Heading To The Big Screen

Black, the comic book series created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 about a world where only black people have superpowers, is the latest to fulfill its comic book destiny by getting optioned for a movie by Studio 8. Mixing social commentary with classic superhero action and drama, the series, named one of six […]

A Tale Of Two Covers: Black #3 And Divided States Of Hysteria #4

Bleeding Cool has written extensively about the controversy surrounding Howard Chaykin's Divided States Of Hysteria over the past few weeks. The book first came under fire in early June for an interior scene depicting the violent beating of a trans sex worker. Then, to close out the month, the book became embroiled in controversy again for […]

Universal Fancon Launches On Kickstarter, Targeting Women, LGBTQ, Disabled, POC In 2018

A new multi-fandom convention was announced yesterday, "dedicated to inclusion, highlighting Women, LGBTQ, the Disabled and Persons of Color."  Called Universal Fancon, the idea was created by Black Girl Nerds and The Black Geeks: Since it's on social media, I have a special announcement to make. I've partnered up with @theblackgeeks for new event to […]

Black Mask Launches Black #1 And The Forevers #1 In September 2016 Solicits

From Black Mask Comics for September 2016… that launch of the much anticipated Black, and the new series The Forevers… and a few other bits and pieces along the way. BLACK #1 (W) Kwanza Osajyefo (A) Jamal Igle (CA) Khary Randolph, Ashley A. Woods IT'S HERE! The comic that blazed through Kickstarter during Black History […]

Now Anyone Can Be The Black Panther (Aged 4-6)

Ahead of the new Captain America: Civil War movie, here's a look at some of the merchandise being created for kids alongside it. It must have been an interesting conversation in the design agency. "Black Panther is a black character, isn't it racist to have a white kid modelling it on the packaging?" "Isn't it more racist […]

How A Failure At DC Comics Led To 'Black' by Kwanza Osajyefo

2000 DC: Black To The Future – How eschewing the establishment allowed me focus on what was is missing and what matters in making comics. By Kwanza Johnson, professionally known as Kwanza Osajyefo. What if only Black people had superpowers? The question hung in my mind as I thumbed through some comics, wrestling with the notion […]

NYCC Debut: Afrofuturefest – And An Answer To Larry Stroman's Concerns?

Who: Tim Fielder of Dieselfunk Studios (Matty's Rocket), organizer and creator of the event, says the groundbreaking event is meant to show the public that there are plenty of African American and indie artists doing quality work in the industry. Some of the artists participating will be Erika Alexander and Tony Puryear, creators of the graphic […]

Asking Why Black Fans Avoid Black Creators At Comic Cons – The Pros Speak

By B. Alex Thompson So, a certain Bleeding Cool expose has been making the rounds and creating quite a stir amongst the interwebs. Being affiliated with the Bleeding Cool family and the creators discussing the topic, I felt that there needed to be a lot more detail on this subject given as opposed to the […]

Larry Stroman On When Black Fans Avoid Black Creators At Comic Con

Larry Stroman, co-creator of Tribe and known for his work on Darkstars and X-Factor, wrote on Facebook. for all of you BLACK PEOPLE who go to comic shows,comic cons,events at comic stores who break your necks to AVOID every black creator working on an independent or mainstream book……you should be ashamed of yourselves. It seemed […]

When Message Board Posters Write Marvel's Comics for Them

Two comic books. Thor and All-New Captain America. The first has a mystery woman take the role of the god of thunder, spinning Mjolnir, after Thor was judged unworthy to wield his own powers. And second has Sam Wilson, The Falcon, a black man, taking the role of Captain America, after age caught up with […]