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The latest trend in mobile that's slowly becoming extremely lucrative (at least for the companies publishing them) are mobile titles that involve players being able to earn blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as cashable NFT content, as people have been making their way to these games to see if they can score big on the[...]
NFTWatch: Comics Folk Boycott Kickstarter Over New Blockchain Plans
Earlier this week, it was reported that Kickstarter is to build a new crowdfunding system much like Kickstarter's but based on blockchain technology, as are cryptocurrencies and NFTs And that when it's ready, Kickstarter will switch its own website to the new infrastructure, and the new company will make the tools available for anyone to[...]
Flash ahead to Monday, and we're learning another new first for the series- now officially called Krapopolis. Image: Screencap With Bento Box Entertainment set to produce, Harmon's animated series will be breaking new ground with Krapopolis serving as the very first animated series to be curated entirely on Blockchain and Fox and Bento Box enter the NF business[...]
LEAK: DC Comics Tells Creators About Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Plans
There has been a lot of fuss in the media recently about the possibilities of artists creating digital artwork, the ownership of which would be determined by blockchain-related non-fungible tokens of NFTs which discern the ownership of digital art in the same fashion as they do BitCoins and the like With some people becoming instant[...]
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and dDominium to produce "digital collectibles" based on blockchain, the technology that powers bitcoin Yes, that's right, now you can pay $300 for a digital statue, and it won't even be Batgirl's bust It'll be the Costco-brand version of Batgirl that exists in the Valiant superhero universe. From a press release: Valiant Entertainment is joining forces with[...]
Devolver Digital mocks Lootboxes and Blockchain in One Joke Ad
The publisher announced three whole games, made fun of loot boxes and blockchain games, and also called their own games "garbage" and themselves "idiots" all in under 20 minutes Oh, and the Twitch stream of the show was constantly hosting a streamer throughout the entire thing unless you refreshed your stream That poor, poor man[...]
Blockchain Gaming Platform BitGuild Portal is Now Open to All Players
After raising more than $20 million USD during its ICO and private sale, BitGuild has officially launched the BitGuild Portal, which is the blockchain game hub for the company's cryptogames The Portal allows users to register, secure their display names, chat with other players, and begin playing blockchain-based games. The first game available for BitGuild is[...]
8 Circuit Studios is Joining the Blockchain Gaming Industry
One of their goals includes the creation of a metaverse. By using the Ethereum blockchain, 8 Circuit Studios is able to create, attribute and safeguard digital assets that you can own and store along with your cryptocurrency, in a virtual wallet By developing Smart Game Objects, 8 Circuit Studios is building the foundation to eliminate the[...]
Blockchain Gaming Platform BitGuild has Partnered with TRON
Blockchain and gaming have a decent bit of crossover that goes beyond just utilizing the same high-powered graphics cards, and BitGuild is set to prove it BitGuild is a blockchain gaming platform that hopes to solve problems in gaming by combining games with cryptocurrencies The company is led by Jared Psigoda, who founded video game streaming[...]