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Writer Ram V (Catwoman, Justice League Dark) was kind enough to send over an early copy of his next project with penciller Anand RK called Blue In Green After reading it, there were a couple of figurative melodies I couldn't get out of my head Here they are: Blue In Green cover Credit: Image Comics Is Blue In[...]
Don't Forget Ram V's Graphic Novel, Blue In Green, On FOC Today
His books through Vault, These Savage Shores and Paradiso has won him fans and how he has an Image Comics graphic novel hitting FOC today, Blue In Green reuniting him with his graphic novel collaborator on Grafity's Wall, Anand Rk, first teased on Bleeding Cool a year ago. A jazz noir horror original graphic novel, it tells a[...]
Grafity Wall's Ram V and Anand RK Reunite for Blue In Green OGN From Image Comics
Ram V first announced Blue In Green as a jazz noir horror original graphic novel in October last year at MCM London Comic Con. And now it has gone all official and from Image Comics.  Bestselling creators Ram V (Grafity's Wall, These Savage Shores) and Anand RK (Grafity's Wall) team up for an exploration of ambitions, expectations,[...]