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BBC Invites Virtual Audience To Comic Relief's Back To The Future
As part of the evening's event, Back To The Future co-writer Bob Gale has written a new sequence featuring the cast of the Back To The Future musical, Roger Bart as Doc Brown, Olly Dobson as Mart McFly, and Courtney-Mae Briggs as Jennifer, and the BBC is looking for a virtual audience to watch it,[...]
Back to the Future: Bob Gale, Harry Keramidas Test Popular Fan Theory
In the opening of Back to the Future (1985), director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale start with a series of panning shots of Dr Emmett Brown's (Christopher Lloyd) garage showing audiences his vast collection of clocks along with his elaborate Rube Goldberg device Among the clocks that stood out included a cuckoo and ones[...]
“Back to the Future”: Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity
Back To The Future writer Bob Gale is never one to mince words The original trilogy of films, about to be released onto 4K Blu-ray, are iconic and untouchable as far as quality and their place in cinematic history So naturally, people talk all the time about a fourth one being made I do not[...]
Back To The Future Trilogy Comes To 4K Blu-ray On October 20th
The new features will include audition tapes of some of the actors who tried out for roles, a tour of the films memorabilia and props with writer Bob Gale, and a look at Back To The Future: The Musical, which is apparently a thing Really, this is the definitive set of these films, I know[...]
Back to the Future: Bob Gale, Harry Keramidas Test Popular Fan Theory
When director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale auditioned actors for the lead role of Marty McFly, they originally wanted Michael J Fox Still, the actor couldn't commit due to his obligation to the television sitcom Family Ties They cast Eric Stoltz in the role instead of shooting the bulk of the film before deciding[...]
Netflix Corrected Back to the Future Error, Writer Says
Screenwriter Bob Gale spoke to The Hollywood Reporter asking fans to go easy on the streamer and not blame them for the honest mistake. Michael J Fox in Back to the Future Part 2 Image courtesy of Universal Clearing the Air on Back to the Future Part II "The blame is on Universal who somehow furnished Netflix an[...]
“Back to the Future”: Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures Back to the Future Crew Appearance Rounding out the reunion was the crew with screenwriter Bob Gale, co-writer/director Robert Zemeckis, composer Alan Silvestri, and rocker Huey Lewis While Silvestri composed the score for the trilogy, Lewis was the primary artist on the 1985 film soundtrack with hits like "The Power of Love"[...]
“Back to the Future”: Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity
Screenwriter Bob Gale addressed a significant plot hole resurfaced when "5 Perfect Movies" trended on social media Director James Gunn shared what constitutes to his standard via Twitter, "A perfect film can be different from a favorite film, or a great film A perfect film is something that sings from start to finish with no[...]
“Back to the Future”: Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity
Fox Foundation, which funds research to combat Parkinson's disease. Universal Pictures "Back to the Future" Synopsis Directed by Robert Zemeckis and co-written by Bob Gale, the story follows Marty McFly (Fox) who travels back in time to the year 1955 and accidentally gets between his parents from falling in love With the help of Dr Emmett Brown (Lloyd),[...]
Tempting Fate, Back To The Future Producer Vows Franchise Will Never Be Rebooted
It's an alliance that inspires fear throughout the seven kingdoms, but the thirst for reboot power is likely too much to resist for an industry that is hellbent on rebooting every classic movie ever made in the history of film, and then rebooting the reboots, just for good measure. Marshall's comments echo those of screenwriter Bob[...]
IDW To Publish Back To The Future Anthology
Untold Tales And Alternate Timelines will focus on stories about just that, alternate versions of the events from the movie as well as filling in the gaps from the cinematic universe. Writers on the project include the co-writer of the films Bob Gale along with John Barber (Transformers Vs G.I Joe) and Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters)[...]
Flashback Friday – No Man's Land, Part 2
I love the way scribe Bob Gale lets his story unfold Last issue really set up the plot and background for this story We see a city losing it's soul slowly, and a team of cops trying to maintain order and cork up the hole through which the soul is slipping Gordon tagging areas of[...]
Flashback Friday – Batman: No Man's Land #1
Writer Bob Gale shows readers how tough a life without law and order would be We get a range of perspectives, from Sgt Harvey Bullock, who stayed behind as per Gordon's wishes and delivers his own rough version of justice; to the Penguin, capitalizing on his industrious background to control a large portion of Gotham;[...]