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Iceman #1 cover by W. Scott Forbes
Scott Forbes Iceman #1 returns in style with an action-oriented story that finds Bobby Drake and Bishop trying to stop the past from repeating itself The studious X-reader knows that the Morlocks suffered a mutant massacre once, and Iceman and Bishop are the ones to stop it again. This book does read more like a traditional superhero[...]
[Breaking] New Iceman #1 Villain, Plus More Series Details Revealed at SDCC 2018
First and foremost, we have the first villain: Mister Sinister. That's right, Nathaniel Essex will be stirring up trouble for our beleaguered Bobby Drake As they put it, Iceman is an Omega Level mutant, so it only makes sense for him to have a "mastermind" villain, and Mister Sinister fits the bill. Plus, they said that Iceman will[...]
Iceman #11 Cover by Kevin Wada
Rachelle Rosenberg's color art is bright and stunning, and the dazzling purple adds some appealing variance once the story enters the new mutant's house. Iceman #11 brings some heartfelt and touching closure to the story of Bobby Drake and this complicated time in his life He is able to grapple with some of his own turmoil[...]
Iceman #10 cover by Kevin Wada
He is working with Daken to mete out a petty grudge against Bobby Drake. Iceman #10 cover by Kevin Wada Iceman #10 brings this story to a conclusion in a climactic and satisfying manner Iceman and Daken battle it out across the X-Mansion, with both parties using the full extent of their abilities Daken has activated the[...]
I was not prepared for what I'd actually get. Bobby Drake has come out to his traditionalist parents They're on the verge of a meltdown, and Bobby is trying not to do the same while explaining everything to them. Unfortunately, the Juggernaut is in town looking to settle a score with the young X-Men: Blue team (not[...]
Stay Cool! Marvel Shares An Iceman Preview
One featuring a gay male protagonist, no less. So far, most of the previews have centred on the more emotional journey elements of the story as the adult Bobby Drake, fresh out of the closet, starts getting to grips with finally being his genuine self openly. This time, however, Marvel are bringing the action! Art by Alessandro Vitti Series[...]
The Human Side of a Conflict Inhuman – All New X-Men #17 Review
Which, really, is only partially true and far over-simplifying things – after all, remember that that play is a tragedy. Art by Bagley, Hennessy & Woodard However, All New X-Men #17 did a lot to change my mind on that. The first tie-in to the ongoing Inhumans vs X-Men event, it follows Bobby Drake struggling with his role[...]
Tomorrow, An Original X-Men Will Be Outed As Gay (SPOILERS)
It's the lead story on The Advocate. It's also the lead on New Now Next. Because, as Brian Bendis finishes his run on All-New X-Men tomorrow with issue 40, he leaves arather intriguing gift. As pages leaked online via 4chan/co reveal, Bobby Drake, Iceman, is gay. Something confirmed by team telepath Jean Grey. Even though the older Bobby Drake is[...]