Countdown to “Star Trek: Picard” – Re-examining “I, Borg” and “Unification”

Countdown to "Star Trek: Picard": Reconsidering "I, Borg" & "Unification" [OPINION]

Following up on yesterday's debut of our "Countdown to Star Trek: Picard", we continue our trip down memory lane with Star Trek: The Next Generation. We look at the introduction of one of the franchise's most memorable characters Hugh, played by Jonathan Del Arco – and also take a look at Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) post-Federation purpose […]

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"Star Trek: Picard" – He's Willing To "Do What Needs to Be Done" [TEASER]

Fans of CBS All Access' upcoming Star Trek franchise spinoff series Star Trek: Picard have been buzzing about the series when it was first announced, with the release of teasers and trailers doing nothing but dumping a whole lot of fuel on an already blazing dumpster fire of speculation and excitement. Combine that with the […]

Chronicle Books Game of Thrones SDCC Exclusive Patch Arya

Game of Thrones, Star Trek Exclusive Patches at the Chronicle Books SDCC Booth

Game of Thrones and Star Trek will be represented at SDCC by a series of patches available only at the Chronicle Books booth. There are three Game of Thrones patches available, all modeled after tarot cards. Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark represent the Queen of Swords, Death, and The Empress respectively. Each costs […]

What's In The Box?!: Star Trek Mission Crate – April 2018

When the day came that I learned that Loot Crate was making a Star Trek specific box, I was immediately on board! The idea of having a monthly Star Trek-themed subscription box headed to my door made the Trekker in me very happy, as I now knew I'd be getting some cool items at random […]

Characters Not In The Next Star Trek Movie, According To Writer Bob Orci

As part of a headline farming exercise, Aint It Cool News' Hercules pestered Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci for some news on the Ask Mr. KERN radio show last weekend. He did quite well. One headline he could have opted for would have concerned the possibility of a new Star Trek TV series. I listened […]

Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover Will Bring Us The Borg And Cybermen

Last week, Bleeding Cool broke the story that IDW were to publish a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover. Over the weekend, we have managed to ferret out a few more details. The series will be called Assimilation. It will feature the Borg and the Cybermen. It is written by Scott and David Tipton, […]