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'The Magicians' Are "Lost, Found, F****d" in Revealing Episode [SPOILER REVIEW]
The Brakebills crew find themselves one step closer to unraveling their true identities in "Lost, Found, F****d," the second episode of The Magicians' fourth season on SYFY. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 2: Exclusive Sneak Peek | SYFY ( Julia (Stella Maeve) thinks she is a washed-out Brakebills[...]
How To Rule A Magical Realm – Second Trailer For The Magicians Season 2
Where the first season was about them learning magic and attending Brakebills University, season two is all about taking over and ruling Fillory It looks like things are going to be pretty damn intense for Quentin Coldwater, Alice Quinn and the others… but the humorous moments will be there too. can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
A Very Different Kind Of Magical School
Both Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julia (Stella Maeve) get tested for a special school called Brakebills University… think of it as a college version of Hogwarts with a lot more partying. That whole thing is the first ten minutes of a very intriguing series There is a lot going on, something that seems like a prophecy[...]