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Wordle Mafia Comes for Brian Keene
Award-winning author Brian Keene found himself the target of Twitter ire after speaking out against Wordle enthusiasts this week. Good afternoon My name is Brian Keene and I am one of the few writers left on Twitter who's not bombarding you on a daily basis with a fucking Wordle score Thanks for following Soon we will[...]
New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous
They've also been recruiting members for their Terrifically Legion while simultaneously generating a nonstop stream of clickbait articles for Bleeding Cool. Terrific has also been involved in an ongoing feud with acclaimed horror novelist and comic book writer Brian Keene, which recently culminated in Keene challenging Terrific Production LLC to release their comics on January 1st,[...]
New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous
"THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN COMICS" (@LlcTerrific) October 3, 2019 And award-winning novelist, totally not terrific person, and one of the writers of an upcoming Thor project for Marvel, Brian Keene, also jumped in, attempting to bet Terrific that they would not have Youngblood comics ready to ship on Youngblood Day, despite reportedly hiring multiple creative teams[...]
GoFundMe Seeks to Raise Medical Fund for Comix Connection Retailer Bill Wahl
Retailers can be in the same boat. Novelist and comic book writer Brian Keene, who set up the GoFundMe, writes: For nearly 30 years, as the co-owner of the Comix Connection, retailer Bill Wahl has brought joy to comic book and gaming fans, and has supported a number of industry professionals such as Mike Hawthorne, Brian Keene,[...]
Will Marvel Announce a Secret Brian Keene Project Tomorrow?
Award-winning and highly flammable horror novelist Brian Keene is teasing a new comic book project on Twitter today, to be announced tomorrow, and our best guess based on the clues is that it's a project for Marvel Comics Keene, who occasionally moonlights from his lucrative career in "real books" to slum it in the comics business,[...]
Brian Keene Badly Burned in Fire, Seeks Help with Medical Bills
Horror novelist and comic book writer Brian Keene was badly burned in an accidental fire this week, and currently resides in a burn unit with first-degree burns on his face and second- and third-degree burns on his arms Not much is known about the accident other than that Keene was burning brush in his York,[...]
Brian Keene Posts Final 4 Teasers For Mysterious DC Horror One-Shots
Pictured: Brian Keene tries to get a job at Marvel before landing at DC. Yesterday, we speculated that a series of teaser images posted by award winning horror novelist Brian Keene on Twitter signified a series of eight horror one-shots from DC Comics, possibly coinciding with Halloween Keene had previously announced an upcoming project at Marvel[...]
Is Brian Keene Teasing 8 DC Specials From Horror Authors For Halloween?
Award winning horror novelist Brian Keene defaces a library book with obscene graffiti. Last month, Bleeding Cool told you about an announcement from award winning horror novelist and occasional comic book writer Brian Keene about an upcoming project at either Marvel or DC. Rumors are true Doing a Big 2 project again But unlike Spencer & Slott I won't[...]
Brian Keene Is Stepping "Outside The [Political] Circle" In Wake Of Heated Election
Brian Keene is an award winning novelist and comic book creator who once turned down the opportunity to write Future's End for DC comics, showing he also normally has good judgement That judgement may have failed him this weekend, however, when he actively requested news coverage of his controversial newsletter post decrying the political divide in America[...]
Latest Marvel Contract Demands No Criticism from Creators?
Comic book writer Brian Keene interviewed veteran comic creator Scott Edelman on his podcast The Horror Show, embedded below. During which Edelman gave details on a new Marvel contract he was asked to sign I was asked to write an essay to go with the Marvel Masterworks for Captain Marvel, they just got up to volume no[...]
The New 52 Booster Gold Series That Never Was
Certainly there have been a number of writers invited to pitch. One of them broke cover, one Brian Keene, who recently dropped out of the Future's End weekly group of writers, along with Greg Rucka Keene has also posted his unsuccessful pitch for a Booster Gold comic that he was invited to submit He was also[...]
IDW Goes In The Dark For New Horror Anthology
The one time kickstarter project In The Dark by Anathema writer Rachel Deering gets picked up by IDW Publishing. The horror anthology will contain 20 all-new horror stories by writers including Justin Jordan, Cullen Bunn, Steve Niles, Duane Swierczynski, Tom Taylor, Tim Seeley, Brian Keene, F Paul Wilson, Ed Brisson, Marguerite Bennett, Valerie D'Orazio, Paul Tobin, James Tynion IV, and many[...]
Brian Keene Confirms He Was On DC Comics' Five Years Later/Future's End
Last year we reported that Brian Keene and Greg Rucka were originally part of the writing team for the Five Years Later weekly comic event Future's End from DC Comics, but both pulled out. We couldn't get him to talk about it then, but now he's confirmed the story. I'd previously said "No" to many other projects[...]
Interview: Rachel Deering Talks In the Dark, Crowdfunding and Horror
Paul Wilson, Tim Seeley, Marguerite Bennett, Brian Keene, Christopher Sebela, Matthew Dow Smith, James Tynion IV, Sean E Williams, Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley, Jody Lehup, Ed Brisson, Mike Olvieri, Nate Southard, Valeri D'Orazio with art by Declan Shalvey, Tradd Moore, Dalibor Talajic, Tyler Jenkins, Damien Worm, Andy Belanger, Patric Reynolds, Robert Wilson IV, Stephen[...]
A Horrorthology Kickstarter With Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Cullen Bunn, Tim Seeley, Tom Taylor, Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion, Valerie D'Orazio And More – Oh And Rachel Deering
Paul Wilson, Tim Seeley, Marguerite Bennett, Brian Keene, Christopher Sebela, Matthew Dow Smith, James Tynion IV, Sean E Williams, Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley, Jody Leheup, Ed Brisson, Mike Oliveri, Nate Southard, Valerie D'Orazio, Tradd Moore, Dalibor Talajic, Andy Belanger, Patric Reynolds, Matthew Dow Smith, Christopher Mooneyham, Garry Brown, Marc Laming, Christian Wildgoose, Douglas Holgate,[...]