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'Battlestar Galactica' Podcast Hosted by Caprica Six Coming to SYFY Wire
It's been 15 years since the mini series (later deemed "the pilot" for nuBSG) aired, and SYFY Wire is launching a new podcast for the occasion. The podcast will be hosted by Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer, who played character Caprica Six in the series, as well as journalist/Castle Rock writer Marc Bernardin. Helfer told Entertainment Weekly: "I'm excited to delve back[...]
Francis Lawrence
humans story. Originally, Bryan Singer was developing a Battlestar Galactica TV series as early as 2001 (although reports vary wildly as to when), and subsequently a film as well.  He went so far as to have concept art created, but it ultimately didn't happen (thank the gods). Editorial credit: JStone / Things were 'officially' silent on the BSG front for[...]
"Battlestar Galactica" Marathon Begins Tomorrow On SyFy
 The show is frakking phenomenal, and anyone who considers themselves well rounded on matters of television, science fiction, and humanity who hasn't watched BSG all the way through needs to do so. Maybe you watched it the first time through when it aired on television and never went back again  That's understandable, several members of the[...]
Battlestar galactica
And while this all happens on massive ships in space with the occasional airlocking of antagonists, making it a science fiction space opera masterpiece, BSG is always listed as an "Action/Adventure/Drama". Many consider Battlestar Galactica to be one of the few truly successful TV franchises to be rebooted, considering it has now known life as five different series, and[...]
Richard Hatch
Original BSG series actors John Colicos (Baltar), Terry Carter (Col Tigh) and Jack Stauffer (Bojay) appeared in the trailer alongside Hatch His various projects were an effort to keep the interest around the franchise alive and to try to convince Universal to revisit the series. Richard hadn't intended to wind up as an actor, he'd often[...]