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Last week, publishers Bad Idea led by former Valiant execs Warren Simons, Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, Josh Johns and Atom Freeman – returned to the fore with an unexpected bit of news: that all facets of Bad Idea had been overtaken by omnipotent force called "The Button"… and it would not let them publish their[...]
Bad Idea Launches The Button When It Gets A Billion Clicks
In a press release Hunter states: Control of Bad Idea has been assumed by something that we only know as "The Button." We don't know why it's here or where it came from, only what it wants: one billion clicks, or Bad Idea will never be permitted to publish its first comic. We tried clicking ourselves, but it[...]
Can Batman And Flash Make The Watchmen Button Less Radioactive In Flash #21?
I bet CBR, Newsarama and Comic Book are steaming. Cos, it's all about the radioactivity of the Watchmen smiley button Watchmen being radioactive in other people's hands, maybe? This may also let you know what is in the new continuity – in some form or other From Lobo's hook to Martian Manhunter's suit to the Blue Beetle[...]