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Cabin Fever - Episode 1: Fitton
Cabin Pressure is one of the greatest sitcoms ever created, written and starring John Finnemore, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephanie Cole and Roger Allum I talk about it a lot Maybe little too much You can listen to a little of it here Finnemore also recently wrote for and appeared in, HBO's Avenue 5 and even[...]
John Finnemore Joins Up Avenue 5 and Cabin Pressure
And John Finnemore decided to add a family tree between this character and Arthur Shappey, the character he played (and wrote) in one-of-the-greatest-sitcoms-ever Cabin Pressure. Turns out that in the future, Arthur's grandson has a surprisingly brilliant job… — John Finnemore (@JohnFinnemore) March 5, 2020 If this also happened to you, the answer is 'He is flying[...]