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Superman #3 Stolen In Canada
Superman is often claimed by Canada as one of theirs, as co-creator Joe Shuster was born in Toronto Well, it seems that one Canadian may have taken that claiming a little too far. Happy Harbor Comics, in Edmonton noticed on Wednesday that their copy of Superman #3 was no longer in the store Published in 1939,[...]
Making Ron Swanson Cry – Toronto ComiCon 2015
Walking The Floor at Toronto ComiCon Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool. Pull on your boot covers and grab your spandex because winter is over, con season is upon us and I'm here to paint you a word picture about my journey around Toronto ComiCon this weekend. First of all, don't let the name fool you, Toronto ComiCon[...]
Canadian Comic Store Targeted By Abusive Fake Twitter Account — Giant Robot Comics (@GiantRobotKomix) January 7, 2015 The fake account, the mimics the original with images and language,  purporting to be by the owner paints the store as racist, sexist, pouring scorn on the manner, his wife and staff members in incredibly abusive terms, as if written by the store owner himself. The story hit CBC[...]
Dave Sim Could Create And Publish James Bond Comics If He Wanted
On January the 1st, the character of James Bond entered public domain in Canada Which mean, if anyone so wishes, they could create James Bond comic books, legally, ahead of Dynamite's licensed James Bond comic books later this year. You wouldn't be able to distribute them for sale overseas, to the US or the UK for[...]
Now Issues 2 And 3 Of Justice League United Get Canadian Covers Too
They are really not letting go of the fact that Justice League United was originally going to be Justice League Canada until someone realised that they might want it to sell. But considering that Canadian press and Canadian comic stores gave the comic its initial push, DC Comics continue to throw them a sop. So now issue[...]
Canada Gets Its Very Own Rob Granito
Bleeding Cool readers noticed one exhibitor at the Edmonton Expo in September, Lost Droid Arts featuring "original" oil paintings. and prints of said
Even Superman's Coins Are Lenticular – And In French Kryptonian
But get this, because it's Canada, they have to do it twice – in English Kryptonian and French Kryptonian Seriously. Sadly, they're not 3D And the Queen's head on the front isn't equally lenticular Shame, they could have shown her in 1938 as well. It also can be ordered in this collectible case "Collectible" in that[...]
Todd McFarlane, Marc Andreyko And Becky Cloonan News Coming Out Of Fan Expo
Scott Mills checks in after the recent Fan Expo Canada, with some more comics creator news he picked up… Becky Cloonan's next project is a written and drawn original graphic novel. Todd McFarlane said he is in talks with Marc Andreyko to bring back Sam And Twitch as a series and possibly collect Andreyko's previous work on[...]