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A First Look at Wilfrid Laurier and Canada Coming to Civilization VI
As part of the Gathering Storm expansion for Civilization VI, it was announced we would be getting Canada as part of the mix This week, the developers revealed the primary character figure you will be getting for the new group with Wilfrid Laurier, the seventh Prime Minister of Canada who is considered one of the best[...]
It's Official: Hit-Girl Hates Canada [SPOILERS]
So he's got a bunch of his mates to do it instead. And today that means Canadian writer Jeff Lemire is writing Hit-Girl, and along with artist Eduardo Risso is taking her to his home country of Canada and giving her the full snowy mountain experience Of course, we all know how polite Canadians are reputed to be. Okay,[...]
Magic: The Gathering is Getting Hit Hard by Tariffs in Canada
Well, that's one way to engage gamers in politics and news. Magic: The Gathering just got a little more expensive up in Canada CBC News is reporting that due to the U.S trade war we're having with, well, the world it seems, areas are being hit that you'd least expect Of the nearly 130 different products being[...]
frontier season 2
Trading the tranquility of The Seven Seas for the bitterly snowy landscapes of Canada, Jason Momoa means business and doesn't look like he's interested in making friends in the official trailer for Season 2 of Netflix's Frontier. Co-created by Brad Peyton, Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie, the historical drama series chronicles the growth of the fur[...]
No Surprise Here: South Korea Dominates 'Overwatch' World Cup Again
The Overwatch World Cup provided some interesting moments throughout the brackets, from France trouncing China, to team Canada edging out all of their victories all the way to the finals But in the end, the most predictable outcome we could have told you came true, as South Korea's team dominated the tournament to win the cup[...]
2017 Joe Shuster Awards Honor Canadian Comics Creativity
Maple Award will go to someone (living or deceased) selected from the Canadian comics community for achievements made outside of the creative and retail categories who have had a positive impact on the community. Ken was the founder and primary organizer of COSMICON (Winters College – York University, 1972-76), one of Canada's earliest comic book events[...]
Chapterhouse Finds New Chief Creative Officer In Jay Baruchel
Chapterhouse Comics, Canada's largest comic book publisher and home to such titles as Captain Canuck and Freelance, proudly announced the actor, writer and director as their new investor, owner and Chief Creative Officer. Headed by CEO Fadi Hakim, Chapterhouse Comics has made leaps and bounds in promoting Canadian talent, and it was this which attracted Baruchel[...]
Dangerous Others – An Interview with Inhuman Condition Producer Steph Ouaknine – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
The series fits the current model for internet binge-streaming. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Inhuman Condition | Series Trailer ( I interviewed Shaftesbury/Smokebomb producer Steph Ouaknine to talk about the dynamics of producing a thematically ambitious webseries in Canada. How did the idea for Inhuman Condition come about, and how did you become attached as[...]
Con Wars: IFCON Victoria 2015
Michael Reade reported for the Times Colonist about a Canadia convention IFCON Victoria 2015 that was cancelled just before it was due to take place,