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Ranking The Bad Guys From Schwarzenegger Film The Running Man
He meets his end by Arnold choking him with barbed wire, before uttering may be the most iconic line from the film: "Here is Sub-Zero! Now just plain Zero!!" The Running Man Captain Freedom 3 Captain Freedom Played by Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Captain Freedom is set up as the ultimate stalker Except he refuses to fight when[...]
Taylor And Coffman Team To Revive Captain Freedom To Combat Hate
Coffman (Hero by Night) for a kickstarter for a new project – Captain Freedom: Combat Hate. The titular hero Captain Freedom a.k.a Don Wright, publisher of The Daily Bulletin newspaper, is a Golden Age superhero known for fighting Nazi villains and thwarting Axis saboteurs with the aid of four children, Beanie, Joanie, Lefty, and Slim—the Young[...]