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Comic Store In Your Future - To Change Or Not To Change?
And it's time to write about change. Alpha Stock Images – Nick Youngson Creative Commons 3 – CC BY-SA 3.0 Change has happened – though have things changed for the better? Former Editor in Chief for Marvel, Axel Alonso, was fired years ago and replaced by C.B Cebulski I know of no one who claims Marvel is now[...]
Comic Store In Your Future – Going Through The Change
Find previous columns here. In the previous column, I wrote about changes How things change How businesses need to change and adapt. It is always easier to say this needs to change than to give solutions This needs to get better This isn't working and so on April wasn't a good month for comic sales[...]
Last Week's Comics In Thirty Four Panels
Fraction's "we're only gonna be gone for four minutes but we might as well choose our replacement" thing started off as a goofy nod to roster changes past, but DAMN MAN GET THIS SHIT OVER WITH! This already-three-issue-long preparation for the trip has already eaten away at my suspension of disbelief Are they all subconsciously[...]
Sunday Review: Change #1
And that brings us to now, to this past week, to his next comic project, Change, a four issue series again for Image with art, colors and letters by Morgan Jeske, Sloane Leong and Ed Brisson Wild Children is definitely an introduction by way of silent scream It pulses with it's own intensity but not[...]
Two Prequel Pages For Ales Kot's Change #1 – And Not In The Comic
These are two pages that are a prequel to the new comic Change by Ales Kot and Morgan Jeske for Image Comics They will not appear in the printed version, out next Wednesday. The eight pages below, however, will be An eight page preview to pore over on a Saturday. [...]