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God With A Gun – Charlie Hebdo Welcomes In 2016
This is the assassination anniversary issue of Charlie Hebdo, published this week, with the headline "One year on: the assassin is still out there." The assassin being God, that is, or possibly religion as a whole. The magazine has bumped its print run to over a million, featuring cartoons from those murdered in the attacks one year ago[...]
Two Of The Charlie Hebdo Dead, Now Revered As Gargoyles
They are modelled on the cartoonists Cabu and Georges Wolinski, who were both killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo at the beginning of the year. Cabu is depicted with a pencil placed behind an ear, Wolinski being climbed by two naked women.   The project was managed by head of the entrance renovation project Philippe Villeneuve, who had already been[...]
Charlie Hebdo Riven From Within
Months after the killings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, as the editorial team of cartoonists, writers and editors met, the publisher is experiencing new problems. The cartoon magazine received a huge increase in prominence as a result, with sales rising from tens of thousands to millions, before settling in the hundreds of thousands, Liberation[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 4th May 2015 – Je Suis Toujours Charlie
There is a difference between the cartoonists whose work was published in Charlie Hebdo and the cartoonists whose work was on display at the American Freedom Defense Initiative exhibition in Dallas. The former's portrayal of Mohammed in cartoon form was as part of a consistent, ongoing, editorial point of view Critical of all acts of religious extremism, and[...]
Two Killed, One Injured In Shootout At 'Draw Mohammed' Contest In Texas, Won By Bosch Fawstin
He was shot again." Joiner was released from hospital on Sunday night. The ticketed event took place in light of the recent shooting at the left wing radical magazine offices of Charlie Hebdo in France over their repeated cartoon portrayal of Mohammed Cartoonists were invited to submit cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad and organisers received over 350 submissions[...]
Neil Gaiman Talks About Charlie Hebdo And British Censorship With CBLDF
the interview comes from a podcast that the CBLDF has put up on their website where Neil talks about Charlie Hebdo, British censorship and more… To celebrate today's launch of CBLDF Defender, we've uploaded a bonus episode of the CBLDF Podcast! In this episode, we speak to author and CBLDF Advisory Board Co-Chair (as well as[...]
Charlie Hebdo Staff Ask For A Little Redistribution Of Ownership
Charlie Hebdo is a rather left learning satirical comics magazine As you may have gathered And as a result of tragedy, it now has a far greater impact in the French and international media than it ever has, with sales of tens of thousands, now translated into hundreds of thousands or millions. And while much has been[...]
The New Charlie Hebdo Is Out Tomorrow
Six weeks after the publication of the "Survivors" issue, we have a new Charlie Hebdo, #1179. No Mohammed this time, but the cover does feature The Pope, Marine le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy, bankers, TV Media (BFM is a French news channel) and terrorists as crazed hounds on the cover in hot pursuit of a Charlei Hebdo dog. The headline, "here[...]
The Mickey, Donald And Charlie Hebdo Cover That Got Scrapped
The above cover was promoted as one of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, following in the steps of the likes of Spirou Magazine The cover was promoted on the publisher's Facebook page However, when the magazine hit the stands, it suddenly looked like this. The official explanation is that the promoted cover was one of a[...]
The Look Of Charlie Hebdo At Angoulême 2015…
After the events of early January, this year's Angoulême was always going to be dominated by expressions of support and memorial to French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, those who died and were injured in the attack and to free speech as a whole. There were marches by comic creators and an address from the President, there were walls and[...]
Katsuhiro Otomo Wins Grand Prix And Presidency For Angoulême 2016
His acceptance speech is below. [youtube][/youtube] Otomo won with 38% of the vote, against Alan Moore and Hermann. A special prize has also been given to the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo has won the Grand Prix for Angoulême, recognising a comic book creator's contribution to the artform[...]
Uderzo Donates Asterix Art To Charlie Hebdo Appeal, Worth $200,000
This is a majestic page from Asterix And The Laurel Wreath by Goscinny and Uderzo, which has been donated to raise money for the families of those killed in the Charlie Hebdo attacks Uderzo hardly ever sells his original artwork, so this is a very rare opportunity, including as it does the portrayal of Caesar's palace[...]
Another French Satirical Magazine Cover Caused Outrage – This Time In China
The government controlled Global Times have called it indecent and wonder if the magazine is trying to emulate Charlie Hebdo for attention's sake. In France and the rest of Europe, people used to take a secular attitude over free speech, but now they seem to see it through the lens of religion, and are even willing[...]
Injured Cartoonist Riss To Take Over Editorship Of Charlie Hebdo
The French cartoonist Riss, real name Laurent Sourisseau, injured in the attack against Charlie Hebdo almost two weeks ago, will succeed the late cartoonist Charb as editor on the satirical cartoon magazone. 20 Minutes quotes current acting editor Gérard Biard as saying "There were two bosses Charlie Hebdo: Charb and Riss Charb is no longer there, but Riss[...]