The Surprising Trans-Themed Story in Space Adventures #7 from 1953

The Surprising Trans-Themed Story in Space Adventures #7 from 1953

Even in an industry that has produced a seemingly endless number of eccentric characters among the ranks of its publishers, Charlton Comics stands out.  The Connecticut company was started by two men who had met in jail, after all.  Despite that unlikely origin story, the publisher managed to attract an impressive roster of talented staffers […]

Charlton Comics, The Movie That You Can Make Happen can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Charlton Comics: The Movie – Official HD Trailer ( Jackie writes, Maybe you've heard of Charlton Comics, but probably not. We are lifelong nerds, they existed right in our backyard, and we never heard of them until a year ago. Charlton offers up an extraordinary piece of […]

Dick Ayers Dies, Just After His Ninetieth Birthday

Roy Thomas wrote to the Timely-Atlas-Comics mailing list, then passed to Bleeding Cool, It's my sad fate to relate that I received word a little while ago from Fred Ayers that his father has passed away yesterday, May 4, a few days after his 90th birthday. Stan and I had each sent greetings, as doubtless did some of you. […]