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AMC Releases Statement About Chris Hardwick, Will No Longer Air Talk Show
This statement comes after allegations that the media personality had abused former girlfriend Chloe Dykstra during their relationship. Chris Hardwick during an episode of AMC's "Talking Dead" The Nerdist, company Hardwick founded, released a statement yesterday clarifying their business relations with Hardwick, following an op-ed published on Medium in which Dykstra claimed a former boyfriend (who she never[...]
Chris Hardwick Responds to Abuse Allegations, Denies All Claims
The pop culture world was thrown a curve ball when Chloe Dykstra, actress and model, wrote a lengthy op-ed about a former relationship (never once naming former partner Chris Hardwick, but it was obvious that's who she meant) where her boyfriend had allegedly, through a series of accused abuses over several years, also blackballed her in the[...]