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Black Mask Studios Launches Class Of 2016 With The Breakfast Club Of Hogwarts And More
When they all meet for the first time in a totally unfair detention, these punk rock witch delinquents cut class and discover the fates Matsdotter has in store for them are even more sinister than they suspected. JSPS channels Black Mask's edgy, subversive sensibility into a whipsmart all-ages adventure for delinquents young and old. Details of the[...]
Tomorrow's Ashes Reunites Godkiller Team Of Matt Pizzolo And Anna Wieszczyk For Black Mask's Class Of 2016
When they come upon a strange relic, they will uncover a secret history of America's destruction. This grimy apocalyptic fantasy manages to be simultaneously fun and horrifying, both brutal and intellectual, a unique descent into the American nightmare. See the rest of Black Mask's #classof2016 right here. Tomorrow's Ashes by Matt Pizzolo (Young Terrorists) and Anna Wieszczyk, sees the[...]
The Forevers By Curt Pires And Eric Pfeiffer For Black Mask's Class Of 2016
One of them has decided to kill the rest and harness the remaining power. As they search for the killer, each of The Forevers will be confronted by the macabre reality of the lengths people will go to be adored, to make sure the spotlight never fades. See the rest of Black Mask's #classof2016 right here. [...]