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Matt Hawkins To Cross Over His Creator Owned Titles At Image, In Eden's Fall
President of Top Cow Studios, Matt Hawkins, publishes three of his creator owned titles through Image Comics Postal, The Tithe and Think Tank. And, according to a PR arranged interview at CBR, they're getting their own crossover. Eden's Fall by Matt Hawkins, with Bryan Hll and Atilio Roj, will be published as a three issue event ober the[...]
Francis Manapul's New Creator Owned Comic Broken Hollow, Used To Sell Microsoft's Surface Pro
Francis Manapul writes on Tumblr, Here's a look at my first creator owned book, #BrokenHollow! I'll be collaborating with another talented artist that I hope to announce soon! You can also check the process of this piece via @microsoftcanada video at using my #surfacepro3 Will do! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Meet Francis Manapul[...]
Writer-Owned? Or Creator-Owned?
Already, it's hard to describe Vertigo titles as creator owned given the contracts the writers and the artists sign. Writer-owned, artist-owned, creators-owned or creators-participant? Is it a distinction that matters to you? This was a tweet from Mark Waid, presuming regarding the film 2 Guns, based on a screenplay by Steven Grant, and the 2 Guns[...]
A New Creator Owned Series By Howard Chaykin And Matt Fraction
As revealed by the TalkComix people below (around the 8 minute mark) at the London Super Comic Convention, Howard Chaykin, as well as starting work on Black Kiss 2 which he describes as "absolutely disgusting", will be working on a new creator owned series with Matt Fraction. Since Image Comics are publishing Black Kiss 2, and[...]